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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Overpass Opens New Options

Last week, the reconstructed overpass on Krymskaya Ploshchad was opened. This has created the best possible link between downtown and Prospekt Vernadskogo and also improved the traffic around Krymskaya Ploshchad.

Thanks to the reconstructed overpass, when you drive down the Boulevard Ring you can now turn to the right on Ploshchad Prechistenskikh Vorot to Ulitsa Ostozhenka. Drive straight down this street to the intersection with the Garden Ring. You can then get on to the overpass and drive straight ahead down Komsomolsky Prospekt to Prospekt Vernadskogo and then, if you need, to Vnukovo airport.

The right turn to the Garden Ring from Ulitsa Ostozhenka has also been opened and you can turn there to drive toward the Foreign Ministry.

The new overpass is also useful for driving from Komsomolsky Prospekt to Leninsky Prospekt. You just drive onto the overpass, through Ulitsa Ostozhenka, to Ulitsa Volkhonka passing Ploshchad Prechistenskikh Vorot. When you see the Kremlin ahead, turn from Borovitskaya Ploshchad to Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge and then to Leninsky.

If you move in this direction but need to turn to the left to go to Ulitsa Tverskaya from Ploshchad Prechistenskikh Vorot, you should know a small trick because there is no left turn directly from the square. Turn to the right from Ostozhenka and move very quickly into the left lane of Saymonovsky Proyezd in front of the church construction. Turn around at the first intersection and drive straight ahead toward Ulitsa Tverskaya.