. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Lebed Wins One Ruble Settlement

Former Russian security chief Alexander Lebed won his defamation of character suit against Interior Minister Anatoly Kulikov on Tuesday when Moscow's Zamoskoretsky inter-municipal court ruled in his favor.

Lebed asked for -- and was awarded -- damages in the amount of one ruble for charges made by Kulikov at an Oct. 16 press conference, at which the interior minister accused Lebed of planning an armed rebellion.

The court also ruled that Kulikov must call a press conference within 15 days to retract the derogatory statements he made about Lebed.

According to Judge Marina Komarova, Kulikov's side had not been able to substantiate the charges.

Nikolai Popov, Kulikov's representative, told Interfax his client would appeal the ruling. Lebed, who was dismissed as Security Council secretary Oct. 17, the day after Kulikov's press conference, was satisfied with the ruling and does not plan to appeal his dismissal, NTV Independent Television reported.