. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Energo Augury

Russia will enter the 21st century without two if its most prominent companies -- United Energy Systems and Gazprom. This conclusion is drawn from the public appearance of the chairman of the Federal Energy Commission, Yury Korsun, at yesterday's government presidium session. Korsun made a sensational statement that by the year 2000, Russia is planning to halt state regulation of tariffs on electrical and heating energy.

The fact of the matter is that the Russian government has pledged to the IMF to ratify a plan to restructure and privatize monopolistic companies before the end of this year. With the exception of loud statements, nothing has been done in this direction -- thanks to the presence of people in the government who understand the perniciousness of the results of such a decision (The cabinet has already proven that it is possible to agree with IMF demands, but not necessarily fulfill them).

In acquiring Gazprom stocks, investors, some of them Western, were convinced that they are acquiring not only a fraction of the wealth developed by Gazprom but also an export infrastructure (bluntly put, a "pipe"), and, for example, a piece of ... NTV [television], in which Gazprom made serious investments this year. ...