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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Also-Ran Candidates Push Diverse Agendas

WASHINGTON -- Browne, Hagelin, Harris, Moorehead and Phillips may look like the letterhead for an American law firm, but add the more well-known Nader and it's a list of candidates running for president.

Candidates other than Bill Clinton, Bob Dole and Ross Perot, that is.

Although the second-tier hopefuls aren't household names, they've got more than winning on their minds.

Campaigning mostly in obscurity, these lesser-known men and one woman, have managed to get on most if not all 50 state ballots.

Here they are:

?Harry Browne, 63, Libertarian Party: A best-selling investment writer, he's on the ballot in all 50 states. He says the Libertarians "believe in individual liberty, personal responsibility and freedom from government.'' The party seeks to end income tax and "to reduce government to the absolute minimum possible.''

?Ralph Nader, 62, Green Party: Primary concerns are environmental, but Nader is famous in the United States for his fights against corporations in the role of consumer advocate. Nader's name is on 21 state ballots. The party hopes to increase that number to 30 and to encourage write-in campaigns in the rest.

?John Hagelin, 42, Natural Law Party: On the ballot in 47 states, the party hopes to "bring the light of science into politics.'' Its platform includes prevention-oriented health care, renewable energy and sutainable agriculture.

?Howard Phillips, 56, U.S. Taxpayers Party: The party hopes to restore American jurisprudence to its "heritage of biblical liberty,'' abolish the Internal Revenue Service and eliminate federal income and other taxes.

?Monica Moorehead, 44, Workers' World Party: On the ballot in 12 states, Moorehead's party calls for tripling the minimum wage, making polluters pay for a clean environment, furthering affirmative action and ensuring equal rights for women, lesbians, gays and bisexuals.

?James Harris, 48, Socialist Workers' Party: It stands for "the struggles of the oppressed and exploited against the increasingly brutal assault by the wealthy minority the world over,'' according to the party platform. Harris is on about 10 state ballots.