. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


Ugly American

In response to "Paper Chase: Expat Hunted in Ad Columns," Sept. 11.


Thank you for the article about Reed Wallace of Just Subs and Moscow Finance Group. You have saved me the time and risk of dealing with a man who publicly proclaims that he is above the law of his host country.

Reed Wallace epitomizes the "ugly American" attitude. No matter how unstable the legal and enforcement system may appear in Russia, all foreigners must be willing to work within the law, not take the law into their own hands. If we subscribe to Reed Wallace's worn out "code of the West" attitude we will only reinforce the negatives that exist.

I hope Wallace's clients never have a dispute with him. By dealing with this frustrated cowboy they may find their names on a "wanted" poster or worse.

Robert Burke

Disrespectful Partner


I am Russian and I would like to let you know how embarrassed I feel about what I have read. It's a pity to know that such "dirty" things happen in Russia among the foreigners who used to be partners and friends for four years, people who seemed to be respectable and in responsible positions in their company.

I feel even more angry about Mr. Wallace threatening his employee and speaking without any respect for Russia's court system. I think he has no right to make any conclusions about the Russian court system before he goes there (unless he has something to hide).

If "this country" is not good enough for him, perhaps he should consider leaving it? And if his company's profit keeps him in Russia, wouldn't it be better to stop speaking about the country with disrespect?

Name withheld on request.