. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Di Spy: Sexy Video Sparks Row

LONDON -- A "spy video" apparently showing Princess Diana frolicking in sports pants and bra with her lover James Hewitt was shown on British television Tuesday in the latest scandal to rock the royal family.

The tabloid Sun, which broke the news with the grainy 80-second film, said Tuesday it confirmed Diana's fears that she had been under secret surveillance during the breakup of her 15-year marriage to heir to the throne Prince Charles.

Buckingham Palace denied the black-and-white video, confirmed as genuine by Hewitt, was used as a bargaining chip in the divorce proceedings, which were finalized in August.

Sky Television broadcast the video, which appeared to show Diana stripping down to cycling pants and sports bra, kissing Hewitt, riding on his back and playfully pillow-fighting. It was shot from outside through a bedroom window.

"I do not believe it is a hoax; otherwise we would not be printing it," Sun Editor Stuart Higgins said.

Diana has admitted adultery with Hewitt and, in a sensational television interview last November, said she had "adored" him during their five-year affair.

Diana has in the past claimed that her telephone calls were bugged, and transcripts of alleged calls she made to male friends have been printed in British newspapers.

A Conservative member of parliament, Harry Greenaway, said he planned to raise the question of whether Diana was spied on by British government agents.

"Without in any way judging the princess' life, which is private, there ought to be an inquiry into how this happened and who authorized it," Greenaway said. Despite the furor surrounding the video, Diana looked relaxed and smiled broadly as she launched a fund for a support center run by a leading British AIDS charity.

Hewitt, a cavalry officer who served in the Gulf War, told the tabloid: "I am convinced there were illicit spying operations -- undoubtedly, undoubtedly."

But Buckingham Palace denied involvement in the video.

"The princess admitted an affair with James Hewitt when she appeared in [the televised interview] before the divorce negotiations. So how could this video have been used against her?" a palace spokesman said.