. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

'Caveman' Cabinet Minister Stirs Outrage

QUITO, Ecuador -- Ecuadorean feminists reacted with outrage Wednesday to declarations by Energy Minister Alfredo Adum that he would like to live naked and prey on women like a caveman, calling him a lunatic.

"I'd grab any woman I liked by the hair, take her back to my cave and devour her. I'd satisfy my sexual and physical appetites because in those days you ate women in both senses," the minister told Ecuadorean magazine Vistazo.

Adum said he would prefer to live without clothes as in the age of the cavemen, when people had fewer prejudices. "If I could I'd walk around in the nude. Sometimes I think the only difference between Cro-Magnon man and Alfredo Adum is clothes," he explained.

Berenice Polit, of the feminist group Women for Democracy, condemned Adum's comments as sexist.

"It is insulting to repeat the grotesque comments of Minister Adum. We have analyzed his declarations, and we considered them hurtful. But we especially want him to consider that this sort of sexist comments must even be frightening for his mother and his own daughter," she said.

"The Ecuadorean people did not vote for lunatics," she added.