. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Arrows Get Yamaha

TOKYO () -- Auto racing team TWR Arrows will use Yamaha Motor Co. engines for Formula One races next season, the company said Tuesday.

The move had been expected since before top-rated driver Damon Hill made a surprise announcement last month that he will drive for the team next season.

"We're hoping for a stronger showing in constructors' standings next year,'' said Yamaha spokesman Tomohisa Totsuka.

Yamaha's four-year partnership with Tyrell ends after the season-ending Oct. 13 Japanese Grand Prix.

Yamaha plans to develop a lighter and more compact V-10 engine with British constructor, Engine Developments Ltd.

The new model will be a fresh start for Yamaha, replacing its OX11A model currently used by the Tyrell team. LOS ANGELES (LAT) -- Nina Fisher, girlfriend of Baltimore Oriole pitcher David Wells, got into a cab at Cleveland's Hopkins Airport, heading to Game 3 of the American League division series at Jacobs Field last Friday.

"Where ya from?'' the cabbie asked.

"Baltimore,'' Fisher said.

"You're one of those Oriole wives,'' the cabbie said.

"I'm David Wells' girlfriend,'' Fisher said.

"Get out,'' the cabbie said. "You're not riding in my cab.''

Yorkshire's president, Sir Lawrence Byford, said: "At long last, our distinguished club with its outstanding cricketing heritage is on the threshold of owning its own cricket stadium together with the community facilities that will enable it to progress cricket even further throughout Yorkshire."