. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Qaddafi Announces $1 Billion for Farrakhan

CAIRO -- Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi said Thursday that he and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan have agreed to work together to influence U.S. elections and foreign policy, building on a pledge to spend $1 billion on Moslem causes in the United States.

Qaddafi's remarks were quoted by the official Libyan news agency, JANA, after a meeting Tuesday in Libya between Qaddafi and Farrakhan, a leading advocate of black separatism in the United States. Qaddafi also called for creation of a separate black state in the United States with its own army manned by black soldiers from the U.S. armed forces, JANA said.

"Our confrontation with America was like a fight against a fortress from outside, and today we found a breach to enter into this fortress and confront it," JANA quoted Qaddafi as saying of his discussions with Farrakhan. "On this basis, we agreed with Louis Farrakhan and his delegation to mobilize in a legal and legitimate form the oppressed minorities, and at their forefront the blacks, Arabs, Moslems and red Indians, for they play an important role in American political life and have a weight in the U.S. elections."

The White House dismissed the plans, saying Qaddafi was trying to "worm his way" back onto the world stage.

"Qaddafi has tried various schemes to evade his responsibilities in the international community," White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry said.

The Libyan leader long has cast himself as a champion of oppressed and Third World people and has funded revolutionary groups ranging from factions in neighboring Chad to the Irish Republican Army.

At the same time, Qaddafi is known for exaggerated and at times hallucinatory statements, such as his proposal that his son marry President Bill Clinton's daughter to patch up differences between the United States and Libya.

This is not the first meeting between Qaddafi and Farrakhan, nor the first time Qaddafi has discussed a black army fighting for the oppressed in America. Their relationship goes back at least to 1985, when Qaddafi loaned Farrakhan $5 million for various business projects associated with the Nation of Islam.