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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Linemen On Super Bowl Menu

PHOENIX -- Sometime Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys' Kevin Williams will catch a pass.

A swarm of Pittsburgh Steelers will grab him. The Steelers and Cowboys will form a huge pile on top of him.

Then, if Super Bowl XXX is like one particular game earlier this season, something else will happen. Somebody will bite Kevin Williams in the groin.

"The guy got stopped by the cup," Williams said Wednesday. "So he bit me on the leg."

Sometime Sunday, the Steelers' Levon Kirkland will chase down a runner. He will shed a frustrated blocker and make the tackle.

Then, if Super Bowl XXX is like another game this season, something else will happen. That blocker will spit in Levon Kirkland's face.

"And I won't say nothing," Kirkland said. "I'll just do it right back to him."

In one corner is an offensive line that blocks behind the legs, a secondary that punches at the line of scrimmage, a coach that has bumped referees.

"Everybody knows how we play," Cowboy safety Darren Woodson said. "Like it or not, we aren't changing."

In the other corner is a team with one running back named Bam and a linebacker who was fined for a dangerous hit to the head during preseason.

"Everybody talks about the roughness of the Cowboys. Well, long before that there has been something known as 'Steeler football,'" Pittsburgh coach Bill Cowher said. "Tough, punishing football. The kind of football we still play here today."

Some of the toughest shots Sunday will be delivered after the whistles.

"You wouldn't believe what happens in piles, because the referees can't see anything," Steeler defensive end Brentson Buckner said. "In fact, looky here ..."

With that, he held out his right wrist, which showed the indentations of an opponent's tooth.

"Don't know whose teeth they are," Buckner said. "By the time you get up, those guys are gone."