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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


?A U.S. federal judge ruled that an Arlington, Virginia, man violated copyright laws when he dumped sacred texts of the Church of Scientology onto the Internet, saying words enjoy legal protection, even in cyberspace.

"This is a very important victory," Helena Kobrin, a Scientology attorney, said Friday. "The Internet is part of this universe and country, and you can't just take copyright laws and say they don't apply."

Arnaldo Lerma, 45, a former church member, expressed dismay at the ruling, in which U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema said there was such compelling evidence of copyright violation that she found no need to send the case to a jury.

Copyright cases involving the Internet are increasing as use of the World Wide Web grows. Most suits involve software manufacturers seeking to prevent the dissemination of pirated programs. (WP)

?The football fans at the Super Bowl this month will find an unusual giveaway tucked under their seat cushions. Instead of a coupon for beer or shaving cream, there will be a CD-ROM containing a copy of Microsoft's Internet Explorer -- software for logging onto the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Some fans will have already played a fantasy version of that day's football game against on-line opponents. A few may have placed bets via Internet with an offshore bookie. (Baltimore Sun)

?"Disco biscuit" was slang for Quaalude, the once-popular pill that made banging into walls a kind of socially acceptable behavior during the 1970s. Now that that kind of behavior has become less acceptable, it has become the name of a new home page exclusive to Prodigy ( dedicated to pop culture of the decade that taste forgot.

Lisa Sutton, the '70s-obsessed woman who created the site, describes it as "the 'Room 222' of the Web," referring to an old television series, and "the place that covers topics emblazoned in the hearts and minds of the Brady (Bunch) Nation." (Newsday)