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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

City Police Announce Capture Of Man Accused of 100 Rapes

The worst serial rapist in Russia's history has been arrested in Moscow, city police spokesmen announced this week.

More than two months after the event, Yury Tatarinov, a spokesman for the Police Criminal Investigation department, made public Wednesday the arrest of a 29-year-old man on Oct. 31, accused of more than 100 rapes between 1992 and 1993.

"He's confessed to 80 rapes, and we plan on charging him with at least 20 additional rapes," he said.

Tatarinov said that, although Moscow has had multiple rapists before, there had never been one who had committed the crime on such a large scale. "We've had instances of 10 rapes, 20, even 30. But 100, over such a short period of time, is not something any of us can recall ever happening here."

Tatarinov said that the culprit attacked women and young girls in each of the city's 33 regions, showing no preference for a particular area. The circumstances in each case were identical, making it easy for the police to connect him with unsolved crimes: Each of his victims was attacked in an elevator early in the evening, raped, and then robbed.

The accused, Tatarinov said, was unmarried and was employed as a laborer.

Andrei Tkachenko, the director of Russia's Central Criminal Psychiatric Center in Moscow and the author of several books on sex crime, said serial rape is on the rise in this country. "You will see more and more instances like this, of disaffected young men committing rapes in a series," he said. "Economic stresses, lack of social organization, all of these are probably factors."

The Criminal Investigation department has not yet released the name of the suspect, nor will it do so until his trial, which will be held in the Central City Courthouse probably sometime in 1997.

"With so many cases, there is an enormous amount of work to be done before we can go to trial, so I would doubt that he will appear anytime soon," Tatarinov said.