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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Zhirinovsky Congratulates 'Comrade' Buchanan's Win

Russian ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky gleefully congratulated Pat Buchanan on Thursday for his victory in the New Hampshire primary, calling him a "comrade and brother-in-arms.''

Zhirinovsky claimed in a statement to share Buchanan's views on Jews, protectionism and "national liberation.''

"You say the Congress is 'Israeli-occupied territory.' We have the same situation here in Russia,'' Zhirinovsky wrote. "The U.S. and Russia are not free countries, but occupied ones. Yet we are two great powers. Thus, in order to survive, we could surrender part of the territories of the United States and Russia to provide a place for settlement of this small but bothersome tribe.''

Zhirinovsky frequently blames Russia's minorities for its problems.

Buchanan denies being an extremist or anti-Semite, but he has been dogged by such accusations, however, especially after his 1990 comment that Capitol Hill was "Israeli-occupied territory."

Zhirinovsky said Buchanan appeals to him as "a nationally oriented leader.''

"Now both democrats and communists are screaming in the media about you,'' Zhirinovsky's statement said. "That's further confirmation that the democrats and communists of all countries are enemies of the nation.''

Earlier this month, Zhirinovsky played host to French extreme right-winger Jean-Marie Le Pen. Both said they hoped to unite far-right parties across Europe.

Zhirinovsky appeared to extend that invitation across the ocean to Buchanan.

"Your slogans are close and understandable to us. Especially your words, 'America for Americans!''' Zhirinovsky said. "Mr. Buchanan! You and I are the freest and most independent politicians. I congratulate you as a comrade and brother-in-arms in the struggle for national liberation.''

The Russian press also reacted to Buchanan's victory. The liberal daily Izvestia declared his victory "Black Tuesday for the Republican Party.''

The daily Segodnya compared Buchanan's hoarse voice and rabble-rousing speeches to those of Yemelyan Pugachev, the leader of a famous Russian peasant rebellion. It concluded that a Buchanan candidacy would be good for U.S. President Bill Clinton.