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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Scrub-a-Dub, How Much for a Tub?

Summer seems to be stretching into the fall, but winter, alas, will eventually come. If you dread the thought of snow and ice locking you in with summer's dirt, now is the time for a good fall cleaning. No tools? No detergents? Whatever your budget and whatever your energy, several stores around Moscow can get you started.

Torgovy Dom Danilovsky, at 70 Liusinovskaya, has all the cleansers and scrubbers you need, although few work-saving tools. On first the floor, a section to the right of the entrance stocks mostly imported chemical cleaners.

Marvel toilet cleaner is 5,000 rubles ($2.15) a bottle; Marvel heavy duty kitchen cleaner is 6,250. Lemon-scented furniture polish costs 5,690 rubles an aerosol can. Glass cleaner is 4,250 rubles; rug and upholstery shampoo is 8,190 for a bottle with a scrub brush attached. Pet stain and odor remover also comes with a scrubber for 8,065. If you can't afford specialized cleansers, try the all-purpose cleaning paste "Sanita" for 1,375 rubles a jar.

Another first floor section sells Russian cleansers and some hardware to go with them. Rubber gloves cost from 2,315 to 3,125 per pair. Violet-colored dustpans are 1,125 rubles, and long brooms (in red, blue or green with bristles to match) cost 5,550. A plastic dust beater -- useful for rugs -- is 2,750, and plastic buckets and tubs range from 4,250 to 78,025 rubles. Scrub brushes range around 2,500. If your drains are clogged up, look for Krot, Russian Draino, for 5,250 per bottle.

If you want better equipment, Stockmann's hardware store is next door, home to a wide range of time-saving devices. Vacuum cleaners, all non-upright models, cost from $159 to $350. Replacement bags run $12 to $16. Washing machines start at $555 and end at $1,115 for a combination washer/dryer you can program to start without you. Even the hand tools are designed for ease: a long-handled broom comes with a long-handled dustpan for $17. Rag mops are $7.90 and squeeze mops cost $14.90. For do-it-yourself window washing, squeegee-sponge combinations are $4.90.

Stockmann's carries items that are familiar beyond the border, like garbage bags made of recycled plastic ($3.30 for ten 60-liter bags and $9.70 for ten 120-liter bags) and dish scrubbers that can be filled with soap. Toilet scrub brushes run from $20 to $52. The cleanser selection is not very wide-ranging and few bottles have directions in English. Here a bottle of pipe unclogger costs $9.35, and scrubpads come in nicer colors than next door, but for more than twice the price.

Not too far away, on Leninsky Prospekt, is 1,000 Myelochei, or 1,000 Tidbits. This long, narrow store has an excellent selection of plastics, carrying useful items like empty spray bottles in addition to many bucket and tub variations.

The price tags also say where an item is from. One section sells metal scrub pads with plastic handles from Turkey for 2,600 rubles; a Chinese scrubber for the oven, counter, sink or floor for 2,990 rubles; and a set of three Italian scrub sponges for 1,850. A three-pack of clean rags from Germany costs 3,250 rubles.

Krot, the pipe opener, is very cheap here at 875 rubles per bottle. Many cleansers are Russian, and blend into the dish soaps and shampoos. Look on the left side of the section. "Niol" is a do-it-all Russian cleaner, "for all types of glass, metal, plastic, leather, wood and ceramics." A bottle is 1,760 rubles. "Alsu" says it will clean dishes, linoleum, stovetops and glass, for 847 rubles a bottle. Oven cleaner from England is 5,200 rubles, air freshener especially for the bathroom costs 3,055 rubles.

1,000 Myelochei sells a few vacuum cleaners, starting at 62,500 rubles. A better range can be found on the fourth floor of Detsky Mir, in a Siemens shop. Choices start at $15 for a hand held mini-vacuum and end at $435. Wet-dry vacuums should be in stock by the end of October. Western washers and dryers are also for sale.

Most Khozyaistvenny, or houseware stores, carry cleaning equipment. Moscow's largest, near Kievsky railway station, has some Russian vacuum cleaners, a good selection of plastics including toilet brushes for 4,095 rubles, and a wide range of cleansers. They carry Russian brands of cleaners as well as foreign-made items like Ajax. Beware of irregularities: the cleaning section was closed for a champagne break one weekday around 6 P.M. And if you can't find what you need in a department, look over the vendors outside and in the shop's hallways.

The ubiquitous Russian cleaning instrument, the small, hand-made stick broom, is difficult to find in stores. Although your back hurts if you sweep with a venik for too long, it is light enough to swipe at cobwebs easily, and strong enough to beat rugs. Outside Danilovsky Market such brooms were recently on sale for 1,500 to 4,000 rubles. They are easier to carry home than a vacuum cleaner.

Torgovy Dom Danilovsky is located at 70 Ulitsa Liusinovskaya between Liusinovskaya and Ulitsa Mytnaya. Tel. 954-8234.

Stockmann's is open every day from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M, no lunch break, but will be closed for repairs Sept. 18 through 28. Prices are in U.S. dollars and payment is by credit card only. Nearest metro: Tulskaya.

1,000 Myelochei is at 37 Leninsky Prospekt. Tel.135-7889. Open from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M., no lunch break, Monday through Saturday. Prices and payment in rubles only. Nearest metro: Leninsky Prospekt.

Moscow's largest Khozyaistvenny store is on Dorogomilovskaya Ulitsa just on the east side of the Moscow River. Nearest metro: Kievskaya.

The Siemens shop is on the fourth floor of Detsky Mir on the corner overlooking Lubyanka Ploshchad. The shop keeps the same hours as Detsky Mir, 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. with no break. Work days are Monday to Saturday and every last Sunday of the month. Prices are in dollars, payment is accepted in rubles or dollars, cash only. Nearest metro: Lubyanka/ Kuznetsky Most.

Danilovsky Market is across the square from Tulskaya metro.