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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

The Federation According to Boris Nikolaevich

Following are key passages of Yeltsin's press conference Friday, translated by Federal News Service: ?Chernomyrdin: "I will not sacrifice Chernomyrdin, not even to Komsomolskaya Pravda." (The newspaper reported Thursday that Chernomyrdin was about to be replaced by Yury Skokov, Yeltsin's former security chief.) ?The government: "I don't like ... the certain bias for the planned economy. ... I have already told Chernomyrdin we need a serious purge of the apparatus. Beginning with Kvasov, they have taken on too many people. It will take us a long time to sort this out." (Vladimir Kvasov is the head of the governmental apparatus). ?Privatization: "Tell Chubais to leave Moscow alone." ?Defense: "The army should be more active in cutting the number of servicemen ... Society today cannot maintain a 3-million-strong army ... (but) we will try to find that amount which the army fails to receive from the budget and finance it with extra-budgetary funds." ?Economy: "The tasks today are to contain inflation and to advance energetically the reform of production in order to help it overcome the nonpayments crisis ... The decline of production can be stopped as early as July." ?Markets: "We are determined to provide reliable securities market safeguards for our citizens ... to protect (them) from abuse and fraudulence. Economic freedom should not be turned into freedom to deceive people." ?Banking: "We are planning to fortify the unity of Russia's monetary system and to enhance the regulatory role of the Central Bank." ?Foreign banks: "Gradual and careful involvement ... of foreign banks in Russia's commercial and financial life will have a revitalizing effect on our banking system." ?Crime: "I strictly demand that professionals from the Interior Ministry and the Federal Counterintelligence Service clear the country of criminal filth." ?Poverty: "It is a must to draft a federal program for combating poverty which shall be implemented under presidential control." ?Social democracy: "Generally speaking I like it when Communists switch to social democratic values.... We are going to have a genuine social democratic party or movement; it now comes down to the organizational part of it." ?Joining G-7: "In short, of course, in terms of our economic condition we cannot become a fully fledged member of a G-8 with regard to economic matters." ?NATO: "We simply want to compile a protocol with NATO on ... interaction in this complex mechanism. ... NATO ... will sign this protocol, and we will sign that Partnership for Peace document."