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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Simpson Is Exposed In Tell-Tale Tapes

LOS ANGELES -- An enraged O.J. Simpson kicked in a door to his ex-wife's home last year after becoming upset earlier in the day over a picture of an old boyfriend in her photo album, according to police records. "My ex-husband has just broken into my house and he's ranting and raving outside in the front yard," a frantic Nicole Brown Simpson told a 911 police emergency dispatcher. "Has he been drinking or anything?" the dispatcher asked. "No," Mrs. Simpson replied. "But he's crazy." Audiotapes released Wednesday document the chilling episode that occurred eight months before she and a friend, Ronald Goldman, were brutally stabbed and slashed to death outside her home. Simpson has pleaded innocent to murder. The tapes were released hours after Simpson appeared in court, where a prosecutor denied a widely repeated television report that a bloody ski mask had been seized as evidence from Simpson's Brentwood mansion. "If there is a ski mask with bloodstains we would like the right to examine that today," the lead defense attorney, Robert Shapiro, told the court as he sought access to all the prosecution's evidence. Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark responded that Shapiro had everything she had. "There is no ski mask," she said. Simpson was alert though haggard at the hearing, in contrast to his arraignment Monday, when he was morose. He was overheard asking deputies to let him read rather than return to a holding cell during a closed-door meeting between lawyers and the judge. "I'll do anything to stay out of that cell," Simpson said. Deputies returned him to the cell anyway. Simpson pleaded no contest to battering his wife in 1989. They divorced in 1992. On Oct. 25, 1993, Mrs. Simpson placed two frantic 911 emergency calls. During one call, Simpson could be heard swearing and yelling in the background. Mrs. Simpson was heard begging him to leave. By the time police arrived, Simpson offered to pay for the French doors he had kicked open, according to a police report. He was not arrested. Mrs. Simpson later said she did not want to prosecute and the matter apparently was dropped. The Los Angeles County grand jury was to continue hearing testimony in the murder case Thursday. The media have reported numerous accounts of evidence based on anonymous sources. Authorities have refused to comment on a report that a bloody glove was found in Simpson's house and at the crime scene, or that preliminary DNA testing of crime-scene blood links Simpson to the killings. They have contradicted a report that a bloodstained spade was found and is believed to be the weapon; Simpson is charged with using a knife. This weapon, said to be 38 centimeters long, has not been found. Los Angeles police investigators Wednesday abandoned their search for it.