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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Grating Cheese

Editor: I wish to express my agreement with the sentiments expressed by Lucy Brown in her recent letter ("Moscow Has More Than Parmigiano," April 14). The Moscow Times, while a fine publication, panders to the interests and perceived "tastes" of comfortable foreigners who are here not to make a permanent change in this country but rather a "quick buck" before fleeing back to wherever they came from. When I read stories about foreigners who have not ridden the metro in three years, I shake my head in amazement at how these people are cheating themselves out of true observations regarding life here and how they might use those observations to initiate real and lasting beneficial change in the lives of the people who will be shaping the future of Russia. Fifty years from now, stories about the many foreigners busy on a person-to-person level initiating change will be far more important to historians than the importance of finally finding parmigiano in Moscow. M. Dwight Stagner Moscow