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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Rebellion Erupts as Extremists Leave Bloc

Two leading members of the ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party staged a rebellion against Vladimir Zhirinovsky on Wednesday, saying they were fed up with extremist statements the party leader has made while abroad. Viktor Kobelev, second on the party's ballot for last December's parliamentary elections, caused an uproar in the State Duma on Wednesday when he announced that he had left the faction with his chief ally, Alexander Pronin. Kobelev, who managed the slick election campaign that brought a surprise victory to the Liberal Democrats at December's polls, claimed that 70 percent of party members would back his rebellion against the charismatic Zhirinovsky. Shortly after Kobelev's announcement, Zhirinovsky rushed to the microphone and yelled that the two men had not left but ""were thrown out of the party for criminal acts, for which they will be prosecuted.

Hat Gives Major a Headache

Forget the threat of a new Cold War or conflict over Bosnia. The issue which John Major's minders and advisers refuse to take any questions on is his hat. Major appeared at Vnukovo Airport on Monday evening in what was clearly a black fur hat. Douglas Hurd, five steps behind with a checked scarf round his neck, was wearing a similar piece of headgear, maybe bought from the same shop. What was the hat made of? A ridiculous question to Russians, all of whom sport shapki that were once rabbits or minks or foxes for four months of the year. But it is quite important to a nation of animal-lovers, where fur coats have been set alight in London streets and shops have even been firebombed for peddling the pelts of dead animals. ""It is a completely personal question,"" parried one British official, keeping his lips much tighter on the subject than on the Russians' objections to air strikes over Sarajevo. Rumor among pressmen and embassy staff had it that three options were discussed.

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