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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Atom Pact Riles Kiev Deputies

KIEV -- Opposition in Ukraine's parliament to an agreement to give up the country's nuclear arms stiffened Thursday as President Leonid Kravchuk prepared to sign the accord. Even moderate deputies objected to the treaty, announced by U.S. President Bill Clinton earlier this week and hailed as a breakthrough for disarmament during talks at Kiev airport on Wednesday between Clinton and Kravchuk. Prominent lawmakers said Thursday that they had not been told about the agreement -- which Kravchuk, Clinton and President Boris Yeltsin are due to sign Friday -- and accused Kravchuk of fanning confrontation with parliament. The parliament finally ratified the START 1 arms treaty last November but said that it applied to only 42 percent of the more than 1,600 strategic warheads still on Ukrainian soil. Ukrainian deputies said this week that they would oppose any attempt by Kravchuk to abandon these reservations. One Communist deputy even suggested this would be grounds for impeaching the president.

Scrutiny Of Doctors To Increase

The Moscow health department, cracking down on freelance doctors, has prepared a letter to send to local administrations, city media and the police requiring strict measures against unauthorized medical practices. A special commission began licensing Moscow's doctors following a mayoral decree of December 1992, said Igor Nadezhdin, spokesman for the city health department. But as little has been done to prosecute doctors who offer unauthorized treatment, few private doctors have applied for the permits, said Nadezhdin. ""Last year nobody really went after the violators,"" Nadezhdin said, ""and they did not take the regulation seriously enough."" A total of 795 licenses had been issued by January 1994, but only 34 were given to private doctors or clinics. Nadezhdin estimated that there are about 1,500 private and 1,700 state-owned medical practices in Moscow. He said that another 103 applications are now being processed.

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