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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Medicine Mix-Up


In "Moscow's Medicine Markets" (Feb. 9), Harriet Forster unfortunately misunderstood the nature of the price comparisons she made related to products sold at the American Medical Center. Due to this misunderstanding, she misrepresented AMC's pricing policy.

A comparison between Monostat 7 cream and Nystatin cream leads to Ms. Foster's conclusion that there seems to be "little rhyme or reason to the pricing". It is true that Monostat 7 cream and Nystatin both treat a similar type of organism, but they are chemically different pharmaceuticals. They have very different applications. Monostat 7 treats vaginal yeast infections. It comes complete with an applicator and enough medicine for a 7 day course of treatment. Nystatin cream treats topical (skin) fungal infections, and is an inexpensive and less effective medication.

It is true that Monostat 7 sells at $40 at AMC, though in the United States the price for Monostat 7 ranges up to $26. As for Nystatin cream, Ms. Forster stated that the price at the International Pharmacy was $4. She neglected to say that the price for Nystatin cream at AMC is $5.

Costs of pharmaceuticals, not unlike most Western products in Russia, are high. For AMC, our costs relate to our initial orders from the United States (where pharmaceutical costs are higher), shipping rates and the inability to order in bulk.

AMC's goal is to make health care in Moscow more economical. We are pleased that over the past year we have reduced many of our pharmacy prices. Recent reorganization and sourcing of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies will allow AMC to pass on even further savings in the near future.

Dr. Myles Druckman Chief Medical Officer American Medical Center