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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Document Shows Police Are Targeting Minorities

The document published left in facsimile was shown to a reporter of The Moscow Times at a GAI post at the far end of Varshavskoye Shosse, where it intersects with the Outer Ring Road. The post had received it from central GAI headquarters. It reads:

1. Upon discovering persons of Caucasian nationality who are driving auto vehicles registered to them through power of attorney and who are in Moscow without a residency permit or other documents authorizing their presence in the city of Moscow:

1. 1. Draw up a report on the confiscation of the power of attorney and forward the report with the document enclosed to GAI headquarters, room 304 or 306;

1. 2. The auto vehicle is to be detained and sent to the GAI station nearest to the point of detainment and is to remain under guard at the station until a special order is issued by the chief of the GAI headquarters. The head of the local GAI station is responsible for the registration and safety of the detained vehicles;

1. 3. Persons of Caucasian nationality driving vehicles who do not have a residency permit are to be sent to sorting points created in administrative districts (police departments/stations), and this should be included in the report that is to be sent to the GAI headquarters.

Reports from the previous day should be submitted by 8 A. M. to room 306 or 304 of the GAI headquarters.

Distributed by A. Melnik, Tel. 924-4959.

Forwarded to the GAI post by the head of the Southern municipal district GAI headquarters.