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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Special forces raid casino

About 10 armed men - six of them OMON and OMSN troops wearing camouflage army uniforms, helmets and flak jackets - barged into the Alexander Bloc casino and bar just after midnight Tuesday and apprehended 12 Russian men.

Brandishing machine guns and 9-mm pistols, police searched several foreigners and Russians while their ununiformed companions stood by.

Valery Krivolapov, deputy chief of investigations at police station no. 43, said the squad went to the shy after a tip that they would find three suspects. Expecting armed resistance, police drew their weapons. The 12 men arrested were questioned and released later.

An American businessman who requested anonymity said, "They were well equipped and looked like they were prepared for serious problems". He was boarding the ship anchored near Sovincenter as the police departed. "A couple of them beat a man who was resisting with clubs", he said.