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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Norwegian firm nabbed in A-bomb sale

A Norwegian firm was apprehended early this week by Norwegian officials as it attempted to conclude a deal with a Volgograd-based company to purchase components for an atomic bomb.

According to the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, the Russian company offered to sell the Norwegian firm eight tons of heavy water for $440 per kilogram, 10 kg. of red mercury for $240, 000 per kg. and 300 kg. of red phosphorus for $2, 000 per kg. The prices offered are well below those on the world market.

The Russian company had planned to deliver the heavy water to Norway from Murmansk, the phosphorus by transit through Finland and the mercury via Austria.

Production of heavy water, used to make plutonium, is prohibited in Norway and Norwegian Nuclear Safety Society President Knut Gusskard said that it was probably destined for a third country.

Neither of the names of the two companies are being released. The matter is under investigation by Norwegian police.

Four attempted sales of nuclear materials from the former Soviet Union have been intercepted in Italy, Austria, Hungary and Switzerland the last four months, according to the International Nuclear Safety Agency.

Two C. I. S. citizens were delayed in Germany last week when 1. 2 kg. of uranium-235, an indispensible component of an atomic bomb, was found in their car. They had proposed selling it for 1. 9 million DM.