Articles by Yulia Zhuchkova

Iran Is Double-Edged Sword for Russia

Moscow's cooperation with Tehran seems strange, primarily because Russia's political interests in this regard are almost completely at odds with its economic interests, writes columnist Yulia Zhuchkova.

From Crimea to Kosovo, Seeking Recognition

The new geopolitical phenomenon of "unrecognized states" has appeared only in the last 40 years. This phenomenon did not exist 100 years ago when the world was divvied up between the colonial empires, nor did it exist after that, when most of those colonies declared their independence.

Russia Is Losing Friends and Alienating Peoples

Russia's political and economic alliances with its neighbors in the post-Soviet space are delivering little more than mutual disappointment, writes columnist Yulia Zhuchkova.

A Smarter Way to Fight Corruption

Instead of the Magnitsky Act, the U.S. should help the Kremlin engage Russian civil society in the battle against corruption.