Articles by Yulia Latynina

Are the Donbass Separatists Paid Stooges?

When former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky visited Donetsk a week ago, the masked men holding the regional administration building refused to let him in, saying "you can easily learn everything about what is going on in Donbass from Russian media reports."

Russia's New War Technology in Ukraine

The dismemberment of Ukraine is practically complete. President Vladimir Putin has created his "New Russia" almost without firing a shot.

Ayatollah Putin

Russia is now experiencing exactly the same thing that Iran went through with the Islamic Revolution of 1979. The only difference is that Russia's ayatollah is also its shah.

The Rise and Fall of Right Sector

Even while Russia's state-controlled television has been alarming its viewers with stories about "fascists" in the Right Sector party that have come to power in Ukraine, the newly formed government in Kiev has hastily begun cleaning up and disarming the organization. Like all illegal, armed groups, it had started to fill up with fringe, extremist forces.

Soon, Buyers Will Use Gas as a Weapon

Three weeks ago, just as Russia was in the early stages of annexing Crimea, I wrote in this space that the most strategic move the West could take against President Vladimir Putin would be to help lower world oil and gas prices. On Wednesday, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that Washington was prepared to supply gas to Europe in place of Russia.

War in Ukraine Looking More Likely

On the same day that Russia  annexed Crimea, the U.S. imposed laughable sanctions against Moscow. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt explained the move as a warning to Russia: "The first round of sanctions had to send a signal to Moscow that if it goes further, we will, too."

The Ideology of Losers

All of the totalitarian leaders of the 20th century, including Stalin, believed they were superior to the West and would ultimately win out over Western society.

Send Heidi Tagliavini to Crimea

Western diplomats must be asking themselves: "How can we influence the Kremlin after Russia's seizure of Crimea? What should we do about President Vladimir Putin? How can we bring the situation back to normal?"

Why Russia Is Out of This World

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly expressed doubt that President Vladimir Putin was in touch with reality after her recent phone conversation with him. He seemed to be "in another world" Merkel reportedly commented.

The Truth Behind Ekho Moskvy's Troubles

The authorities have waged attacks against two major independent media outlets in recent weeks. First, they staged a 1930s-style public campaign against Dozhd and banned it from broadcasting on cable television.

Why Plushenko Called It Quits in Sochi

Yevgeny Plushenko, Russia's only representative in men's singles figure skating at the Olympics, withdrew from the competition due to a spinal injury and announced the end of his athletic career.

Society Wrong to Blame Itself in School Shooting

In April 1689, the 24-gun French ship Serpent was attacked by the Dutch off the coast of France. A battle ensued, one that was all the more dangerous because the Serpent was loaded with barrels of gunpowder and could have been blown sky high at any moment.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The authorities have effectively prohibited the Dozhd television channel from broadcasting on cable television. The ostensible reason for the ban was a survey that Dozhd conducted on Jan. 26 that asked: "Should the Soviet Union have surrendered Leningrad to save hundreds of thousands of lives?"

Yanukovych's Unlimited Stupidity

Former German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer once said, "In view of the fact that God limited the intelligence of man, it seems unfair that He did not also limit his stupidity." Every one of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's recent actions provides living proof of this statement.

Selective Psychoses

Mikhail Kosenko, one of the demonstrators arrested by the authorities for his role in the May 6, 2012 rally protesting President Vladimir Putin's return to power, was forced to undergo compulsory psychiatric treatment in October.

The False Gifts of the Magi

The line of people waiting to see the Gifts of the Magi at Moscow's main cathedral now stretches for kilometers. The faithful stand for hours in the cold.

Thanks, Angela Merkel, for Freeing Khodorkovsky

Former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky has German Chancellor Angela Merkel to thank for his newfound freedom. She was the key figure who mediated with President Vladimir Putin over his early release. She personally requested that Putin pardon Khodorkovsky, and she also met with his mother.

The New State Media Behemoth

President Vladimir Putin has dismantled RIA Novosti and replaced it with the Rossia Sevodnya news agency to improve RussiaТs image in the world. The odious television host Dmitry Kiselyov will head Rossia Sevodyna.

Medvedev's Dumb Phone

Russian Technologies head Sergei Chemezov presented Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with what he called "the first Russian smartphone." To which Medvedev responded, "Apple is worried." Apparently, Medvedev follows internal developments at Apple personally.

Yanukovych Is No Alpha Male

I find the differences between Ukraine and Russia fascinating. It turns out that 1 million Ukrainians have no qualms about taking to the streets in protest if they find their president's actions insulting Ч and that's even after riot police had broken up earlier demonstrations.

Why Yanukovych Spat in the EU's Soup

President Vladimir Putin can now rejoice. Ukraine will not sign an association agreement with the European Union.

Saving the Economy by Outlawing Dollars

State Duma deputy and Liberal Democratic Party member Mikhail Degtyarev has introduced a bill that would obligate the government to seize Russians' dollar accounts and forcibly exchange them for rubles.

The Treads of Russia's Gas Tank

A few days ago, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych made the remarkable statement that, by mining its own shale gas deposits, Ukraine would end its dependence on Russian gas by 2020 and even vie with Gazprom on the European gas market.

Why Russia's Olympic Flame Is a Flub

In a typical Russian scheme, a defense industry factory director owns a private business on site and pockets all of its profits, while the government picks up the tab for all of its operating expenses.

Georgian Voters Duped by Empty Promises

Georgian Dream party candidate Giorgi Margvelashvili won the country's presidential election Sunday.


Of Moscow's 12 million residents, 2.5 million are migrants, and 18 percent of all births in the capital are the children of those migrants. According to the Investigative Committee, migrants are responsible for one-sixth of all murders and one-third of all rapes in Moscow.

A Grudge Against the World

Prominent patriot and State Duma Deputy Andrei Isayev and his aide were kicked off a plane last week for drunken shenanigans. But because the incident occurred on Russian territory, the authorities took no punitive action other than forcing Isayev to give up his symbolic post as United Russia deputy secretary.

Rutskoi's Avatar in the Kremlin

It is a commonly held belief that Aug. 21, 1991 and Oct. 4, 1993 Ч the dates on which the State Committee of the State of Emergency collapsed and former President Boris Yeltsin emerged victorious from his tank attack on the parliament building Ч were decisive days in Russia's modern history.

Parasitic Police State

The government has published its budget through 2016. It includes an increase in defense spending in 2014 from 15.7 percent of the budget to 17.8 percent Ч or in real terms, an additional 390 billion rubles ($12 billion).

Reforms Spell the End for Russian Sciences

No sooner had the Moscow mayoral election ended on Sept. 8 than the State Duma passed a law reforming the Russian Academy of Science, or RAS, in a form most offensive to scientists.