Articles by Yelena Evstigneyeva

Need Inspiration? Try Dovgan’s Tapes

Vladimir Dovgan, the flamboyant entrepreneur, is lurching into a new project: selling inspirational and self-improvement audio recordings via an army of fanaticized recruits.

Forced Out of Moscow, Fakes Flourish in Regions

Counterfeit coffee and tea makers masquerading their products as name brands lost ground in the capital over the last six months, market participants say. Law enforcement bodies and industry leaders have banded together to push out the fakes. The pirates have, however, moved out into the regions. Tea and coffee manufacturers maintain their best defense lies in expensive and sophisticated packaging. Ultimately, the consumer may have to foot the bill for the struggle with counterfeiters. Manufactures only start to take on pirates when illegal sales volumes increase, as they were a year ago. At the time 13 companies, including major coffee manufacturers Nestl?, Kraft Foods and Tchibo as well Lipton tea producers Unilever, formed the informal BPG brand protection group. The members of the group lost $473 million last year, according to research conducted by Deloitte & Touche CIS.