Articles by Yelena Dombrova

Ice Slows Down St. Pete Cargo Shipping

Because of the ice coating the Gulf of Finland, the growth rate of cargo turnover in St. Petersburg's port has fallen, and dockworkers have received about $10 million less than they could have, shipping experts said.

Wal-Mart Continues Discussions on Buying Lenta

Wal-Mart is currently in discussions with TPG Capital, a private equity fund and owner of a 25 percent stake in St. Petersburg retailer Lenta, on the possibility of buying it shares, an executive at the Russian retail firm said.

St. Pete May Get Development Stake

Telegrad, a developer that is building a television complex and an art palace in St. Petersburg, is offering the city a stake in the project.

Low Rent Good News for Food Outlets

The crisis has presented new opportunities for chains of restaurants and cafes, which can now afford to rent premises that were previously too expensive.