Articles by Yekaterina Derbilova

City Schemes to Avoid Bank Tender

Moscow officials intend to avoid a tender for the sale of Bank of Moscow by transferring its shares into the capital of the Tsentralnaya Toplivnaya Kompania fuel company, which will then sell them to VTB.

Sistema to Tap Rakhimov for BashneftТs Board

Murtaza Rakhimov, who recently resigned his post of president of Bashkortostan, will help holding company Sistema manage oil-producer Bashneft as part of the oil company's board of directors, three sources told Vedomosti.

Rosneft Profiting on Chinese Loan

Rosneft is continuing to draw down a huge loan from China despite amassing a record cash pile because Russian interest rates are higher than the oil producer is paying on the debt, allowing it to profit on the difference.

Putin Orders Revision of Olympics Financing

The state corporation model has made it difficult to oversee expenses for Olympics preparations, government sources say, and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has proposed returning to the previous financing model Ч a federal targeted program.