Articles by Winnie Agbonlahor

City Cafes Offer Twister, Uno and Monopoly

Located not far from the Bolshoi Theater, Masterskaya hosts a night of games every Tuesday from 8 p.m.

Art and a Bored Judge at the Khodorkovsky Trial

Sergei Kuznetsov Content Group, one of the biggest Russian web studios, started the contest that invited anyone to submit drawings of Khodorkovskys trial. The six winners get a trip to New York to study art.

Armas DJs Preview 2010 Year of France

Club Arma is celebrating next year's Year of France in Russia early by importing some DJs from across the continent to help throw a promising, if horrendously named, event: the Tour de Trance.

Institute Offers Free Glimpse into Space

As part of the international year of astronomy, being celebrated around the world 400 years after Galileo revolutionized exploration of the sky, the Moscow State Institute of Astronomy has opened its doors to allow people to look at stars and planets through professional telescopes for free.

Boy in Custody Dispute Takes Sides

The 11-year-old grandson of pop icon Alla Pugachyova, amid a high-profile custody dispute between his parents that has captivated the tabloids, announced he would rather live with his father, a Chechen businessman.

Yacht Club to Open Photo Exhibit on Expat Life

Photographer Svetlana Privalova's show that looks at the lives of five Moscow expats will become, incredibly enough, the second photo exhibit about expat life currently running in the city.

MC Mixes It All Up, That Makes Noize

Russian rapper Noize MC, who will perform Saturday at Club Tochka, is tipped to become one of the country's top hip-hop stars.

Scottish Stramash In Park on Saturday

How better to spend the last and possibly only rain-free weekend in August than eating haggis and drinking Irn-Bru at the St. Andrews Society Stramash?

Snoop Dogg, PlayStation Set to Play in Moscow

With trance and electro beats ruling the Moscow nightlife, the capital offers hip-hop and R&B fans little choice.

20 Years On, Fall of Berlin Wall Goes on Show

Anyone of a certain age remembers where they were when they heard that the Berlin Wall had fallen.

Expat Introduction: How Do You Do, Moscow?

Four expatriates met for the first time less than a year ago, but this Friday they will see their first exhibition open at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Scooter Sales Craze Hits Moscow This Summer

Scooters are increasing in numbers on Moscows streets, but a lack of regulation means that accidents are increasing too.

Ex-Morcheeba Skye To Sing in Gardens

What could be nicer than escaping from the all the citys brouhaha to relax in the park with some soothing lounge music in the background?

Cut-Price, Not Free Moscow Tennis

Anyone who looks at the top 10 female tennis players in the world right now might think that Russia is a paradise for the sport. The country has the No. 1 player in the world, Dinara Safina, and another four in the top 10. But try and get a game in the city, and you are soon struggling.

Formula One Flies In to Race Round Kremlin

Anyone new to Moscow might have trouble adjusting to the dangerously high speeds that local drivers maintain as they shoot around the city.