Articles by Vlasta Demyanenko

Market Blamed for Ruble Volatility

  • 11 July 07
  • Reuters
Recent moves in the exchange rate of the ruble have been caused by market players and not by the Central Bank's currency market operations, Central Bank Deputy Chairman Konstantin Korishchenko said Tuesday.

Capital Inflow Jumps to $40Bln

  • 21 May 07
  • Reuters
Russia will exceed this year's target for net private capital inflows as early as May amid a series of fund raisings by private and state firms, which puts inflation targets under further pressure, the Central Bank said Sunday.

Government to Cut Its Oil Price Forecast

  • 20 February 07
  • Reuters
The Central Banks hopes the lower oil price will slow the real appreciation of the ruble, as well as gold and forex reserves.

Kudrin Calls for Watch on Inflation

  • 29 December 06
  • Reuters
The country's economy has become more sensitive to inflation since the country lifted restrictions on capital currency movements earlier this year, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said Thursday.

Aeroflot Order Split Between 2 Rivals

  • 21 September 06
  • Reuters
The airline says it will order 22 Boeing jets and 22 from Airbus, keeping Russia's aerospace options open.

Gazprombank Cancels Dresdner Deal

  • 29 June 06
  • Reuters
Gazprombank, the finance arm of gas monopoly Gazprom, has decided against selling one-third of its equity to Dresdner Bank for $800 million, the bank said Wednesday.

Russia Metals Firms Seek Global Reach Via M&A

  • 22 March 06
  • Reuters
Russian metals firms are likely to merge or acquire rivals as they seek a bigger share of world markets, and the Kremlin will play a key role in any major deals, industry executives and investment bankers said.

CB Says It May Intervene in Euro Rate

  • 13 May 05
  • Reuters
The Central Bank said Thursday that it might begin intervening on the ruble-euro market later this year as the euro becomes increasingly important to the country's economy and trade.

Cabinet Scrambles to Amend Tax Code

  • 29 April 05
  • Reuters
The government approved draft tax proposals aimed at improving strained relations between business and the authorities on Thursday, but the issue of repeat inspections remained unsolved.

Auditor Warns CEOs Over 1990s Sell-Offs

  • 07 February 05
  • Reuters
Russian business executives and officials could face court action over their roles in the chaotic privatization drive of the 1990s, but loyal companies are likely to be spared, Russia's top auditor said Friday.

Paribas, Russky Standart Trade Blame for Divorce

  • 28 January 05
  • Reuters
BNP Paribas and Russky Standart banks traded the blame Thursday for the collapse of a takeover deal, which analysts said highlights the risk of buying into Russia's poorly regulated and undercapitalized financial sector.

Low Pension Returns Spur Call to Action

  • 23 September 04
  • Reuters
Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov told ministers on Wednesday to come up with a financial markets action plan by year's end to improve pension fund performance.

Central Bank Is Not Ready to Float Ruble

  • 18 August 04
  • Reuters
The government will continue to target both the exchange rate and inflation next year because its economy is not ready for a free-floating ruble, according to a Central Bank strategy paper.

Cabinet Clears Siemens Bid for Potanin Firm

  • 23 July 04
  • Reuters
The government said Thursday that it fully supported a bid by Germany's Siemens to buy a controlling stake in turbine maker Power Machines (Siloviye Mashiny).

Central Bank Worried About Lending Boom

  • 01 October 02
  • Reuters
The Central Bank is worried a lending boom could turn sour for undercapitalized banks if robust economic growth hits the skids.

Vyugin: CB to Increase Its Market Presence

  • 29 April 02
  • Reuters
The Central Bank plans to become a more active player on local financial markets and hopes its instruments and rates will become benchmarks for banks within a year, its first deputy chairman said Friday.

2002 Growth 'Will Be at Least 4%'

  • 29 April 02
  • Reuters
The Central Bank expects the country's economic growth to slow to 4 percent this year and aims to trim real ruble appreciation, which is seen as eroding the nation's competitiveness, the bank's first deputy chairman said.

Vyugin Vows to Curb Supply of New Rubles

  • 18 April 02
  • Reuters
A top Central Bank official pledged Wednesday to rein in money printing by the bank to curb inflation.

Red October Plans Merger and ADRs

  • 17 April 02
  • Reuters
Red October plans to merge with rival Rot Front and place up to a quarter of the new company's shares in the West to raise $100 million, a shareholder said Tuesday.

Sberbank's Chief Gets Support

  • 16 April 02
  • Reuters
Sberbank said Monday that its management has advised shareholders to reelect its chairman at the annual meeting, but also put on the agenda calls by some shareholders for him to retire early.

Analysts See Mergers in Store for Bank Sector

  • 13 February 02
  • Reuters
Analysts believe a growing economy and competition will force a spate of mergers among Russia's banks.

State Moves on Soviet Bank Giants

  • 26 October 01
  • Reuters
The government has decided to split the state-owned bank Vneshekonombank, and may merge another with it.

Gerashchenko Slams Quick Forex Reform

  • 12 April 01
  • Reuters
Central Bank head Viktor Gerashchenko said Wednesday he opposed hasty steps to liberalize the foreign exchange market and favored keeping obligatory sales of hard currency.

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