Articles by Vladislav Maximov

Suspended Jail Time for Bill-Dodger

A former collective farm chief in Ulyanovsk has been given an 18-month suspended jail sentence and fined $1,735 for dodging his electricity bills -- for 11 years.

Bold AvtoVAZ Restructure Frees Controlling Stake

The government has agreed to restructure AvtoVAZ's tax debts and free a controlling stake in the company.

Giving Ailing Izhmash-Avto a New Lease on Life

This March, a team of anti-crisis managers led by Mikhail Blokhin arrived at Izhevsk's car factory. Now Blokhin says the 35-year-old plant has a second wind.

Aluminum Giant, GAZ in Deal

A deal appears to have been struck between Oleg Deripaska, head of metals giant Siberian Aluminum, and Nikolai Pugin, head of the nation's No. 2 automaker GAZ.

Frank Plans to Use Nation as a 'Natural Bridge'

Transport Ministry head Sergei Frank says transport services could become one of Russia's main exports. He says that in 10 years freighting could be a $10 billion business.

State Tells Gazprom To Place Pipe Order

The government has instructed Gazprom to make an order for large-diameter pipes for major gas pipelines.

Rail Freight Banned to CIS States

The Railways Ministry has placed a ban on the use of its freight trains by several CIS nations.

Siberian Aluminum Buys Bus Plant

The Siberian Aluminum Group has purchased the Pavlovsky Plant in the Nizhegorod region, which specializes in the manufacture of city buses.

Norilsk Considers Nuclear Submarines for Shipping

Ford Introduces Unusual New Payment Plans

Klebanov Says No to Gazprom Perm Moves