Articles by Vladimir Shlapentokh

Putin's Jewish Anomaly Comes as a Surprise

Josef Stalin and President Vladimir Putin epitomize the type of leader who is ready to sacrifice the country's interests to maintain his power. Of course, Stalin and Putin used ideologies extensively for propagandistic purposes and for the legitimization of their personal power. But given the fact that they were concerned only about personal power, these two leaders were extremely flexible and open to the idea of changing the country's ideological course in any direction.

Cash Benefits Hazardous to Russia's Health

By the end of 2004, all the major polling firms in Russia observed a significant increase in pessimism in the public mood.

Taking Up 'The Case of Levada'

The golden age of Soviet sociology came twice, interrupted by periods of dark years. Now sociology in the former Soviet Union is facing another threat to its independence, this time from President Vladimir Putin.