Articles by Vasily Kolotilov

Crisis in Russian Opposition as Two Withdraw From Election Primaries

Two of RussiaТs leading opposition politicians announced Wednesday 13 April their withdrawal from election primaries being organised by the PARNAS democratic coalition.

IS Claims Responsibility For Dagestan Attacks, But Are More To Come?

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for two recent terror attacks that hit the southern Russian republic of Dagestan. УThe harvesting of Russians and their agents will continue,Ф IS was reported as saying.

Mission to Mars Launched from Russia's Baikonur

A Russian Proton-M space rocket lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on Monday carrying a European Space Agency probe designed to sniff out life on the surface of Mars.

Russian TV Stays Mum Over Murderous Nanny

A woman brandishes the severed head of a child and threatens to blow herself up. The gruesome scene would have dominated TV screens in any other country. In Russia, however, no major network mentioned the incident.

Sporting Spartans Ч Meet Moscow's Quarterbacks

Huffing and puffing, half a dozen heavyset men in scratched helmets and battered protective gear sprint around, shouting buzzwords in heavily accented English.

Moscow's Overnight Demolition Blitz Sparks Legal Debate

You could hear a young woman yelling, but her voice was diluted in the sound of bulldozers, smashed glass and metal.

Russian Academia's Struggle to Attract Top Talent

About half an hour from the western outskirts of Moscow, the grays of Russian suburbia give way to a jagged horizon of shiny glass, concrete and abandoned building sites.

Schooling in Moscow: A Mixed Bag

"Some of the boys called my son "Obama's little spy," says Jynks Burton. "But they're at that age I suppose, always looking for something to tease other boys about …"

Agents of Change: Promoting Tolerance and Acceptance in Russia

Foreigners in Russia have advocated tolerance towards people with special needs for over two decades — their work continues to improve public understanding of the disabled.

Live-Blog: Vladimir Putin's 2015 Press Conference

Starting at noon Moscow time, Russian president Vladimir Putin will hold his annual end-of-year press conference. Follow the Moscow Times' live blog for updates on his statements as well as reactions and photos.

Corruption Scandal Won't Damage Russia's Prosecutor General - RBC

Alexei Navalny's Anti-Corruption Foundation investigation, which alleges extensive corruption activities carried out by Yury Chaika's family members, will not affect his reassignment in 2016, RBC news reported Wednesday.

Truck Protests Signal New Kind of Social Activism

"I think I will set my car on fire soon. The tax will take us all down," says Rasul, a truck driver from Russia's North Caucasus republic of Dagestan.

Hardships Continue for Russia's Syrian Diaspora

Despite having lived in Russia for sometimes decades, many Syrians say they experience continuing discrimination.

The 'Sherlock Holmes of the Sea' On Choosing Exile

Maritime journalist Mikhail Voitenko talks about his self-imposed exile in Thailand, where he settled after reporting on the mystery of the Arctic Sea ship.

Russian Airline Denies Plane Crash Responsibility

The Russian airline whose passenger plane crashed in Egypt on Saturday, killing all 224 people on board, sought Monday to refute any suggestion that it bore responsibility for the disaster.

Internet Database of Political Repression Victims Launched in Russia

An Internet database of people who fell victim to the Soviet regime has been launched as Russia prepares to mark the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression, the project's editor Andrei Shalayev told The Moscow Times on Thursday.

People Detained on Suspicion of Recruiting Moscow Student for Islamic State

Unidentified suspects thought to have recruited Moscow State University student Varvara Karaulova to join the Islamic State in May have been detained, Karaulova's lawyer told the Interfax news agency Tuesday.

Russian Bikers and War Veterans Given Grants for Patriotic Youth Centers

A jingoistic motorcycle club and a war veterans' group have received presidential grants to fund patriotic youth clubs across the country, including one in Crimea.

Manhunt Continues for Businessman Who Went on Gun Rampage Outside Moscow

As a manhunt for a businessman believed to have shot dead four people this week in the Moscow regional satellite city of Krasnogorsk failed to yield results for a third day Wednesday, a picture of the entrepreneur-turned-fugitive and his apparent motives has emerged in the Russian media.

Russia's Sole Sexual Assault Center Struggles to Make Ends Meet

Russia has only one organization that exists specifically to help victims of sexual assault, and today, its fate hangs in the balance.

Refugees From Syria Win Appeal Against Deportation From Russia

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ordered Russia to free asylum-seekers from Syria who were being kept in custody awaiting deportation and pay them compensation for violating their rights, the court said on its website Thursday.

Iraqi-Syrian Asylum Seekers Wait in Limbo at Moscow Airport

A family of Iraqi-Syrian asylum seekers has been stuck in Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport for nearly three weeks after Russian border guards confiscated their passports on suspicion they were fake.

Russia's Last Tsar Exhumed as Murder Case Reopened

Russian investigators on Wednesday exhumed the remains of Russia's last tsar and his wife, who were slaughtered by the Bolsheviks in 1918 together with their children and servants, after reopening the investigation into the century-old murder.

One of Europe's Biggest Mosques to Open in Moscow

One of the biggest mosques in Russia will finally open in Moscow on Wednesday after a decade of construction work, with President Vladimir Putin and foreign dignitaries attending the ceremony.