Articles by Valery Kodachigov

3G Mobile Coverage Still Spotty in Suburbs

The quality of third-generation, or 3G, mobile Internet services in Moscow varies greatly among the big three carriers, according to recent analysis by Telecomdaily, with MegaFon showing the best results for areas outside the city limits.

Mobile Phone Sales Reach $4.6Bln in 2010

Stimulated by increased demand for smart phones, overall mobile phone sales last year were about $500 million more than in 2009, with huge sales in December, though the average price per unit dropped.

Google Tracks Traffic In Moscow, St. Pete

The Russian version of Google has launched a test version of its new service allowing drivers to monitor traffic conditions in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Dvorkovich Sees 'Cloud Computing' in Skolkovo

The state's commission on innovation has approved the first project for the Skolkovo innovation city, a 900 million ruble business incubator to develop "cloud computing" and other technologies.

'National Nanotechnology Network' Announced by Government

The nanotechnology research network was created as part of the federal targeted program on developing the nano-industry from 2008 to 2010, an Education and Science Ministry official said.

Kremlin Prepares to Unveil Its Silicon Valley

In 10 days, President Dmitry Medvedev will indicate where the future Russian Silicon Valley will be created, and one of the early favorites is the area near the business school Skolkovo.

State Talks Tough on Web Piracy

Authorities are planning to punish Internet providers for the transfer of illegal content that is downloaded and distributed by their customers, Vedomosti has learned.

MegaFon Campaign Falls Foul of Anti-Monopoly Service

The competition watchdog ruled that MegaFon was using a simplified sales procedure for the SIM cards, and allowing customers to remain anonymous, which gave it an advantage over competitors.