Articles by Thomas L. Friedman

Where U.S. Translates as Freedom

I found the cure. I found the cure to anti-Americanism: Come to Poland.

Is This the End of the West?

We are motivated by different dates. ""Our defining date is now 1989 and yours is 2001,"" Carl Bildt said.

Courageous Arab Thinkers

  • 20 October 03
  • The New York Times
I should have known something was up when a Saudi diplomat recently asked me, ""Do you know what kind of woman is most sought after as a wife by Saudi men today?"" No, I said, what kind? ""A woman with a job.""

Buy One -- Get One Free

Students in Iran are rebelling against the ayatollahs. Is there anything we can do to help? The truth is we have very few tools to influence events in Iran, and even if we had more it's not clear we'd know how to use them. But there is one huge tool we do control that will certainly have an impact on Iran: It's called Iraq.

A Scorecard for War

  • 28 March 03
  • The New York Times
How will we know if we are winning in Iraq? Here are six things I am watching for.

Israel Is Waiting for Godot

  • 20 January 03
  • The New York Times
Maybe the most telling fact in the coming Israeli election is that at this moment of intense crisis, a tiny Israeli party, Green Leaf, which advocates the legalization of marijuana, could win one or two seats in the new parliament.

Getting the Democratic Party Restarted

  • 19 December 02
  • The New York Times
With Al Gore now out of the U.S. presidential race, everyone is giving the Democrats advice on who their candidate should be. All I know is that whoever the Democrats choose needs to keep in mind a few basic rules that Democrats have forgotten in recent years.

Expanding 'Club NATO'

  • 18 November 02
  • The New York Times
If you want to get a feel for how far ahead the U.S. military is from any of its allies, let alone its enemies, read the fascinating article in the November issue of The Atlantic Monthly by Mark Bowden about the U.S. air war over Afghanistan.

Colin Powell's Commanding Presence I

With the Democrats out of business, the real opposition party on foreign policy will now be Colin Powell, John McCain and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Drowning Freedom in Oil

On a recent tour of India, I was visiting with an Indian Muslim community leader, Syed Shahabuddin, and the conversation drifted to the question of why the Muslim world seems so angry with the West.

War on Iraq II

One thing I haven't seen much planning for is the impact an attack on Iraq would have on the world's oil market.

Is This the End of NATO?

Flying in and out of Afghanistan is a harrowing business. When I tried to get out of Kabul a few weeks ago, bad weather closed Bagram airbase and the UN canceled its flight, so my only way out was to hitchhike on a U.S. military transport. The trip turned out to be a real insight.

Justice Is a Dish Best Served Cold

  • 14 September 01
  • The New York Times
JERUSALEM -- If Tuesday's terrorist attack was the Pearl Harbor of World War III, it means there is a long, long war ahead. And this Third World War does not pit us against another superpower. It pits us -- the world's only superpower and quintessential symbol of liberal, free-market, Western values -- against all the super-empowered angry men and women out there. Many of these super-empowered angry people hail from failing states in the Moslem and third world. They do not share our values, they resent America's influence over their lives, politics and children, not to mention our support for Israel, and they often blame America for the failure of their societies to master modernity. What makes them super-empowered, though, is their genius at using the networked world, the Internet and the very high technology they hate to attack us.

Lessons in Cybercivics

Iraq and the New Rules