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Russia Will Build Mistral Helicopters Even If France Won't Deliver Warships

France's refusal to deliver two Mistral helicopter-carrier warships to Russia has left the Defense Ministry scrambling to find other uses for a special batch of Ka-52 attack helicopter.

Ukrainian Rebel Republic Starts Removing Land Mines From Farmland

A Ukrainian separatist breakaway republic has begun work to remove land mines from over 250 hectares of farmland ahead of the spring sowing season, a local news agency reported Sunday.

Russian Minister Proposes Punishing France over Mistral Warship Non-Delivery

A Russian minister has proposed sanctions against French-based satellite company Eutelsat in retaliation for Paris' failure to deliver a helicopter-carrier warship last year.

Russia Develops New Fuel for Hypersonic Cruise Missile

Russia has created a powerful recipe for fuel that will allow missiles to fly faster than five times the speed of sound.

Britain Excludes Russia From London Arms Expo – Rostec Manager

Amid international tensions over Ukraine, Russian military companies have been denied participation in a British arms trade show in London later this year, according to a top executive at Russian state technology corporation Rostec.

Ukraine's Rebel Leader Igor Strelkov Steps Down

Ukrainian separatists have confirmed that Igor Girkin, better known as Strelkov, has stepped down from his position as a military chief, making him the third rebel leader to quit within a week.

Freedom House: Russia Grew More Repressive in 2009

  • 12 January 10
  • Combined Reports
The four-year global deterioration in freedom marked the longest decline since Freedom House began its annual survey in 1972.

IKEA Rethinks Investment

IKEA, the world's biggest home-furnishings retailer, said Saturday that it was reconsidering new investment in Russia and that it would have to lay off 245 employees after months of delays kept it from opening a store in Samara.

Georgians Shun Stalin in Great Figures Contest

Soviet dictator Josef Stalin's solid third-place finish in a television contest last month aimed at identifying Russia's greatest historical figures sparked much controversy and national soul-searching among the country's chattering classes.

Create Yourself

The Moscow Times together with the Charities Aid Foundation, of CAF, began the charitable creative program ""Create Yourself"" to benefit children with disabilities in May. Thanks to the help of our partners and friends, many people have learned about the program, which aims to provide art therapy to needy children.

Lynch Says He Will Sell Yukos Assets

U.S. businessman Stephen Lynch said Monday that he planned to sell the international Yukos assets he bought at a bankruptcy auction last week.

Kyoto Consultant in Yukos Bid

Seven companies plan to bid on the Yukos gas assets up for auction on Wednesday, after RMK Kyoto, a Gazprom-linked company, stepped forward with plans to bid, a source close to the auction said.

GM Plans New Opels at Tolyatti

General Motors' joint venture with AvtoVAZ plans to start assembling two Opel models either next year or in 2008, Vedomosti reported Friday, citing sources close to the venture.

Extra! Extra!

Los Angeles' renowned dance troupe, Jazz Tap Ensemble, is set to give its first-ever Moscow performance at the Kremlin Palace Friday night.

Extra! Extra!

Los Angeles' renowned dance troupe, Jazz Tap Ensemble, is set to give its first-ever Moscow performance at the Kremlin Palace Friday night.