Articles by Tatyana Romanova

Official Car Inspections to Cost Less Next Year

When insurance companies and dealerships are put in charge of motor vehicle technical inspections instead of the Interior Ministry, a certificate of conformance will cost no more than 2,000 rubles ($70), the Economic Development Ministry said.

Yevroset Planning for IPO Next Year

Yevroset co-owner Alexander Mamut is preparing the country's largest phone retailer for a London initial public offering next year, allowing him to make a profit on the company he bought during the crisis for $200 million to $300 million.

Gambling Zone to Move to Anapa

A new bill to exclude the Rostov region from the list of zones approved for gambling was passed by the Duma on its first reading. A new gambling zone called УGolden SandsФ will be located near the city of Anapa.

Baturina Buys Land for Golf Course

Yelena Baturina's building conglomerate Inteko has acquired a 35-hectare plot in western Moscow to build a golf club, possibly to be designed by U.S. golf legend Jack Nicklaus, Vedomosti has learned.

State May Fold Gambler's Azov-City for Anapa

The Russian authorities have essentially given up on their plan to move all gambling to four remote zones, and Azov-City, the only one now functioning, might be eliminated in favor of Black Sea resort Anapa, Vedomosti has learned.

Wendy's to Enter Russia Next Year

Wendy's, the world's third-largest fast-food chain, is planning to enter the Russian market in 2011. Mikhail Zelman's Food Service Capital is in talks with the U.S. company about purchasing franchising rights, Vedomosti reported.

Customs Union May Unleash Flood of Cars

From January to June, Belarussian citizens may import hundreds of thousands of cars to resell in Russia after the borders open.

Dealers Fear Flood of Cars Imported Via Belarus

From January to June, Belarussian citizens may import hundreds of thousands of cars to resell in Russia after the borders are opened, Alexei Tereshchenko, strategy director at the Russian and Belarussian dealership Atlant-M, said Friday.

UralSib Files $34M Suit Against Glavstroi

The investment bank filed two suits against Glavstroi, the builder that is part of Oleg Deripaska's Basic Element holding company, at the Moscow Arbitration Court on Friday.

Carrefour Will Rent, Not Build, Retail Space

Karfur Rus, Carrefour's Russian division, is backing out of deals to buy land in the regions to build its hypermarkets, sources in several real estate consulting companies told Vedomosti.

Azov-City Investors Asked to Chip in for Infrastructure

Investors were offered two ways to finance the infrastructure: taking a stake in a newly formed joint stock company or buying an additional share issue of the existing Rostov Region Development Corporation.

Pest Checks on Imported Cars Blocked

The anti-monopoly service called the tests introduced this summer by the customs and phytosanitary services an unjustified barrier to business.

IKEA Wins MinistryТs Help Resolving Investment Snags

IKEA could reverse its decision to freeze Russian expansion after the Economic Development Ministry promised to help solve several key issues, including the completion of its Mega complex in the Samara region, ministry and company officials said.

Moscow's Casinos Go All-InOn Poker

The card game is classified as a sport, so it will not be covered by a July ban.

Federal Forces Play the Moscow Scene

The Presidential Property Department is becoming a major player on the city's real estate market. As many as five large housing complexes are being built on the department's land, while several more of its land plots could be used for construction in the future, experts say.

Moscow Region Chases Out the City's Builders

The Moscow region's government is trying to limit the appearance of certain types of apartment buildings, built by Moscow construction companies, in the region.