Articles by Tatyana Gershkovich

Calling All Chocoholics

Indulge your passion for cocoa in all its incarnations at Salon du Chocolat.

Calling All Chocoholics

Indulge your passion for cocoa in all its incarnations at Salon du Chocolat.

First Person

Yelena Levchenko, 37, dog groomer at Milord Salon for Dogs.

First Person

Ubaygov Same Samatovich, 44, hookah master at Om Cafe.

Daily Bread at the Old Duck

The wild nightclub's building now serves another, very different mission: making sure needy mothers don't go hungry.

Cartoon Studio Back in Action

Visit Soyuzmultfilm, birthplace of the Cheburashka films and other animated classics.

From Parrots to Pop Stars

How a provincial medical graduate made it in the capital's most glamorous spheres.

Saying No to Corporate Gifts

Why some companies are spending their holiday gift budgets on charity donations instead of souvenirs.

First Person

I have been working in the metro since 2001. I spent my life working on the railroad in Latvia, where I was raised. There I was in charge of loading and unloading freight trains. The work was really hard labor, so nothing about this job is very challenging.

What to Do: Smoke the Peace Pipe

At Mate Club you sit on the earth, God rests in the sky, and wild tobacco smoke from the sacred Native American pipe is the prayer that connects you to God.

Ask the Chef

Marco Zampieri of Tuscany, Italy, is the head chef at Cantinetta Antinori.

Feathered and Furry Thespians

As actors -- human and animal alike -- prepare to go onto the big stage at the Durov Animal Theater, Svetlana Maximova does some last minute coaching.

Europe's Bulwark for Business

Meet the new CEO of the Association of European Businesses in Russia.

Where the Mice Play

A town named after a local legend about a mouse is laying out cheese to attract tourists.

First Person

Yevgeny Sotnikov, 28, waiter in the dark dining room at the restaurant V Temnote?!

Grozny on Neglinnaya

One may hardly notice Cafe Orga when wandering along Neglinnaya Ulitsa. But underneath a rather modest appearance, you may find Cafe Orga's hidden treasure: It offers a rare opportunity to try Chechen cuisine in Moscow.

Travel News

Transaero is hosting a seasonal sale on domestic and international flights from Sept.10 to Oct. 10. Roundtrip tickets departing from Moscow are available to St. Petersburg for 1,500 rubles ($60) and to Sochi for 2,000 rubles.

Truffle Oil

If you think a reasonably priced dish infused with truffle oil is too good to be true, you're probably right. Much of what chefs add to dishes as ""truffle oil"" actually doesn't come from real truffles.

Behind Closed Doors

Exclusive communities for Moscow's reclusive super-rich.

A Cutting-Edge Persona

How a pedagogy graduate created a network of beauty salons that has come to dominate the Moscow market.

Ask the Boss

Q: Do you positively or negatively regard people working overtime?

Likbez: Melon Season

Moscow is now flooded with delicious watermelons and cantaloupes -- but it pays to choose wisely. Here's how.

City Gets a 'Lover's Lane'

How a park restoration project has created a romantic retreat.

What to Do: Go See the Amorphophallus

It has earned nicknames such as Voodoo Lily and Devil's Tongue due to its arguably offensive appearance, and its real name -- Amorphophallus -- derives from its phallic shape. Its real notoriety, however, is largely due to its repellant smell.

Remembering Yeltsin

A public vote is underway to select a monument to the former president.

Remembering Yeltsin

A public vote is underway to select a monument to the former president.

What to Do: Visit the Vodka Museum

Russian traditions associated with drinking vodka can be baffling, and the penalties for misunderstandings come in 100-gram doses.

All Abuzz Thanks to Bees

The sweet-toothed are making a beeline to Tsaritsyno for the National Honey Fair.

Likbez: A Sweet Selection

Some of the many varieties of honey you may find at Tsaritsyno: Kamenny honey is a wild variety that bees produce in mountain hives.

First Person

Tatyana Isuk, owner of Mastera Kukol doll- and costume-making company