Articles by Tara FitzGerald

Army Camp Keeps Boys In Shape

  • 24 July 02
  • Reuters
Just outside Moscow Interior Ministry troops are providing 140 disadvantaged boys with sports and military skills training, civic responsibility lectures and cultural outings.

Pirates Block Path to WTO Entry

  • 01 July 02
  • Reuters
In Russia's flourishing bootleg industry, the latest films, tunes and games are all for sale just days after their release and all at knock-down prices.

Chechens Pick the Tent Life

  • 28 December 01
  • Reuters
Thousands are preparing to spend their third winter in tent camps in the regions neighboring Chechnya.

HIV Epidemic Cuts Into Ukrainian Youth

  • 18 July 01
  • Reuters
The United Nations estimates that the Ukraine has the fastest growing rate of HIV infection in Europe

Russian Media Names U.S. 'Spies'

  • 28 March 01
  • Reuters
A U.S. diplomat declined to comment on Wednesday on reports naming him as the CIA's Moscow station chief and one of four U.S. officials being expelled. Interfax quoted law enforcement sources naming Paul Hollingsworth as the head of the Central Intelligence Agency's operations in Moscow and said he was one of the four ordered on Tuesday to leave the country within 10 days. Contacted by telephone at the embassy, Hollingsworth said ""No comment"" and hung up. The embassy also declined to comment. But the Washington Post quoted U.S. sources as saying Hollingsworth, who holds the rank of first secretary at the embassy, worked beneath the station chief. Interfax also said the diplomat had worked for the CIA in Russia between 1992-1994. Last week, Washington kicked out four Russians and said a further 46 should leave by July. Moscow retaliated one for one. The spy row Ч the worst since the Cold War Ч and Monday's meeting in Washington between a senior U.S.

""Keep Out of Our Affairs,"" Alexiy Tells Catholics

  • 15 February 01
  • Reuters
The head of Russia's Orthodox Church on Thursday called on Pope John Paul to prevent Roman Catholics from actively seeking converts in the former Soviet Union and to stop encroaching on Orthodox churches.

Russia to Cut Troops in Chechnya

  • 22 January 01
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin decided Monday to withdraw some of Russia's forces from the rebel region of Chechnya, Russian news agencies said.

Parliament Restores Soviet Anthem

  • 09 December 00
  • Reuters
The State Duma on Friday overwhelmingly approved President Vladimir Putin's request to reinstate the tune of the Stalin-era anthem and a tsarist flag as the state symbols.

Pope's Wife Will Return to Moscow

  • 05 December 00
  • Reuters
The wife of Edmond Pope, a U.S. businessman being tried in Moscow on espionage charges, said Tuesday that if her husband was found guilty she would return to Russia to be close to him.

Russia Seeks Political Mileage From Middle East

  • 27 November 00
  • Reuters
Russia's recent efforts to step up its role in the Middle East give it political kudos and a chance for Israelis and Palestinians to put their hopes in an arbiter other than the United States, analysts said Monday.

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