Articles by Sergei Karaganov

Obama's Doomed Reset

The U.S. and Russia need to acknowledge that nuclear weapons cuts should not serve as the basis for bilateral relations.

Friendship With China for a Few More Centuries

If Moscow doesn't develop a growth strategy for the Asia-Pacific region, the current Chinese-Russian entente cordiale will surely sour.

Fatal Thaws

The first major УunfreezingФ of global conflicts occurred after the Soviet collapse, which led to war in Yugoslavia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Chechnya.

West's Decline Will Play a Mean Trick on Russia

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was a thaw in many issues that had been frozen during the Cold War. The two countries dictated terms to states and societies, the Soviet Union generally taking a more heavy-handed approach, while the U.S. typically acted with more finesse.

How the G20 Can Save the World

The G20 has filled the void in global governance better than the UN. But it will take great effort to keep the G20 relevant.

A Strong Military Doesn't Mean a Strong Nation

The Kremlin might have chosen to strengthen the military despite facing no external threats as a means of showing the world that Russia is capable of developing at all Ч in any sector.

The Age of Authoritarian Democracy

The world is currently being shaken by tectonic changes almost too numerous to count: the ongoing economic crisis is accelerating the degradation of international governance and supranational institutions, and both are occurring alongside a massive shift of economic and political power to Asia.

Russia's Luck Has Run Out

Russia has been unbelievably lucky in its relations with foreign powers over the past 12 years. The China-driven economic boom in most of Asia triggered a prolonged demand for Russia's main export commodities Ч oil and gas, raw minerals and foodstuffs.

Look East

Over the past 18 months, Russia's relations with Asia have begun to improve. Dozens of protocols and agreements on new projects have been signed with China. Some are already up and running. Nevertheless, Russia has yet to devise a long-term and comprehensive Asian strategy. The main force holding Russia back is, to put it bluntly, ignorance.

Good Nuclear Fences Make Good Neighbors

Two years ago last month in Prague, U.S. President Barack Obama put forward his visionary idea of a world free of nuclear weapons. A year ago, a new strategic arms treaty between Russia and the United States was signed in the same city. Now, the worldwide wave of support for a full ban on nuclear weapons, or "nuclear zero," is being transformed into a debate about nuclear deterrence.

The Dangers of Nuclear Disarmament

After the New START, the debate over nuclear weapons is only beginning. The risks of a world without nuclear weapons Ч or only a small number of them Ч are tremendous.

Russia Will Save the West

Rapid changes in the global economy and international politics are raising once again an eternal issue in Russia: the countryТs relations with Europe and with the Euro-Atlantic region as a whole.

The Unfinished Cold War

This November will mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. But the end of confrontation in Europe may be proving only temporary. One year after the war in Georgia, old divisions seem to be re-emerging in a different form. Although the Cold War in Europe was declared over, the truth is, it never really finished.

Some Lessons From the Iraqi Crisis

Without a clear understanding of Russia's interests, Putin was fortunate to avoid distaster in Iraq.