Articles by Sayed Salahuddin

Kremlin Will Send Military Aid To Kabul

  • 20 January 09
  • Reuters
President Dmitry Medvedev has accepted a request from Afghan President Hamid Karzai to provide military aid to Afghanistan, the Afghan government said Monday.

Afghanistan's 'Father of the Nation' Dies

  • 24 July 07
  • Reuters
Former King Mohammad Zahir Shah, whose 40-year reign until his exile in 1973 coincided with one of the most peaceful periods in Afghanistan's recent history, died Monday. He was 92.

Bush Surprises Afghans With Visit

  • 02 March 06
  • Reuters
During a stopover on his way to India, Bush speaks about U.S. hopes for democracy in Afghanistan.

Rice: U.S. Won't Abandon Afghanistan

  • 13 October 05
  • Reuters
Rockets exploded in Afghanistan's capital on Wednesday and six soldiers and five aid workers were killed in attacks blamed on Taliban insurgents as U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited for talks.

2,000 Killed in Afghan Quakes

Some 2,000 people were killed and more than 3,000 injured after a series of earthquakes flattened a district capital and villages in northern Afghanistan late Monday night and Tuesday morning.

U.S. Considers Next Target in 'War'

  • 04 February 02
  • Reuters
The United States has signaled it will take pre-emptive action in the next phase of its war on terror, ratcheting up the rhetoric that has set off alarm bells in Iraq and Iran.

Karzai, Bush to Discuss Stability

  • 28 January 02
  • Reuters
Afghan interim leader Hamid Karzai was on his way to Washington on Sunday for a meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush while American forces swooped on an Afghan settlement in their hunt for remnants of the Taliban and al-Qaida network.

Afghans Seek Boost From Pledges

  • 24 January 02
  • Reuters
Afghanistan shifted its focus Wednesday to ways of turning aid pledges of more than $4.5 billion into tangible benefits -- security, schools and hospitals -- for a country shattered by two decades of war.

New Bin Laden Videotape Broadcast

  • 28 December 01
  • Reuters
Osama bin Laden's appearance in a defiant videotape redoubled the difficulties of the new Afghan government Thursday in bringing peace and rebuilding a land where the militant and his al-Qaida fighters are at large.

Taliban Chief Agrees to Surrender

  • 07 December 01
  • Reuters
Afghanistan's Taliban supreme leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, who had urged his men to die rather than surrender, agreed Thursday to give up his last stronghold.

Taliban Vows to Keep Its Territory

  • 22 November 01
  • Reuters
Pounded by 46 days of U.S. air raids and driven back into its strongholds in southern Afghanistan, the Taliban said Wednesday it no longer had any contact with Osama bin Laden.

Besieged Taliban City Heads for Showdown

  • 16 November 01
  • Reuters
U.S. special forces hunted for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan on Thursday, as 20,000 of his Arab supporters and Taliban protectors were surrounded in the northern city of Kunduz, facing the prospect of a fight to the death.

Pentagon Sterilized After Anthrax Found

  • 06 November 01
  • Reuters
U.S. aircraft maintained their relentless assault on Afghanistan's ruling Taliban on Monday as traces of anthrax showed up at the Pentagon, one of the targets of the Sept. 11 hijack attacks on the United States that plunged the world into crisis.

Bin Laden: Resist the Christian Crusade

  • 02 November 01
  • Reuters
Afghanistan's ruling Taliban said Thursday it had repulsed the first coordinated air and ground attack by U.S. and opposition forces and was also holding several American citizens, while Osama bin Laden urged Pakistani Muslims to defend Islam.

Kabul Residents Had a Sleepless Night

  • 09 October 01
  • Reuters
Terrified Kabul residents emerged hollow-eyed and blinking Monday after a night spent cowering from an unseen enemy.

Taliban: Bin Laden Has Gone Missing

  • 24 September 01
  • Reuters
The ruling Taliban said Sunday that Osama bin Laden had gone missing and they could not deliver an edict asking him to leave the country.

Afghans Fight More Among Themselves Than Against Soviets

Taliban Advancing North After Taking 2 Key Towns

Taliban Capture Airbase