Articles by Sander Thoenes

The Mine At the Top of the World

kumtor mine at a glance

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Belgian Firm Taking Heat in Almaty

Breathing Life Into Kazakh Smelters

Guerrillas Capture UN, Tajik Officials

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Billion-Dollar Backers Drive 'Daewooistan'

U.S. Oil Giants Choose Azeri Pipeline

CIS Issues Warning To Taliban

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Kazakh-Iran Oil Swap Said Near

Monument Oil Takes Turkmenistan Gamble

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Kazakh Oil Field Open to Foreign Cash

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Lack of Pipelines Frustrates Kazakh Oil

Kazakhstan Set for Major IMF Loan

Kazakh Gold, Oil Lure Investors

Initial Agreement Reached On Caspian Pipeline Deal

Mobil Buys 25 % Stake in Tengiz Field

Kyrgyzstan Gets to Play Its Water Card

Oil Chiefs In Ashgabat Pitch Plans For Pipeline

Stretch Out on the Sand in Tunisia

Stretch Out on the Sand in Tunisia

Stretch Out on the Sand in Tunisia

The Great Moscow Escape: Go Skiing

Police: Toxic Waste Came From U.S.