Articles by Rinat Sagdiyev

Governors' Children Are Captains of Industry

A surprising story recently swept the Russian Internet: A governor's 18-year-old daughter owns stakes in 10 companies and is the general director of nearly 20. How often does that happen?

IKEA Masters Rules of Russian Business

Whether the numerous accusations of corruption against IKEA prove true is uncertain, but what is clear is that the Swedish company has adapted to the rules of Russian business better than Russians themselves.

Nestle Unit Fights Liquidation Suit

It would appear that the tax officials are demanding the company’s liquidation because in 2008 the value of its net assets fell below the minimum size of the company’s charter capital.

Nestle Unit Fights Liquidation Suit

Judging from comments by Rossiya director Pavel Rudas, released through Nestle, it would appear that the tax officials are demanding the company's liquidation because in 2008 the value of its net assets fell below the minimum size of the company's charter capital.

Liquor May Be Banned in Airports

Inspectors are citing Article 16 of the law on state regulation of the production and sale of alcohol, which prohibits the sale of beverages with an alcohol content above 15 percent in crowded or dangerous areas, which would include airports.

Prosecutors Move to Ban Liquor in Airports

Since early September, prosecutors have been making frequent visits to restaurants and bars in the city's airports, officials from a major alcohol producer and an international vodka company said.

Imported Pigs Crowd Out Local Pork

The country's pork producers are facing a growing challenge from importers of live pigs who are using a loophole in customs regulations to avoid quotas and higher tariffs.

Meat Prices Set to Soar Up to 10% in Moscow

Five leading meat producers will raise their prices 10 percent this month amid a price-fixing probe by the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service.

Ice Cream Makers Worry the Market Is Frozen

Along with waistlines everywhere, the domestic ice cream market has been growing steadily. But the country's 360 ice cream makers are not satisfied.

Income Statistics Called Deceptive

The State Statistics Committee forecast that real incomes would rise almost two times faster than they actually have, and many firms say this lack of reliable official data has forced them to commission their own economic studies.

Agros Tightens Its Grip on Meat Factories

Agros tightened its grip on Moscow's Tagansky meat processing factory last week, installing its own managers at the helm of the plant it commandeered in a high profile hostile takeover in February.