Articles by Richard Hainsworth

The Wet-Finger Approach

There is a lot of commentary these days about Russian loan loss rates, but the data needs to be understood in terms of the Russian context.

Russian Roulette for Investors

When Russian troops moved into Georgia, foreign investors moved out and the Russian market plummeted. When U.S. troops moved into Iraq, foreign investors hesitated but the U.S. market barely blipped. Is this a double standard?

No Echo of 1998 in Current 'Banking Crisis'

Contrary to the feverish hyperbole of some commentators, Russia has not been experiencing a banking crisis, let alone anything comparable with the scale of the 1998 financial meltdown.

Buried Under Central Bank Bureaucracy

Last year, there was an overwhelming amount of talk about banking reform, something akin to a river in the spring thaw. Despite all the verbiage, nothing was said about the single most important banking institution in Russia: the Central Bank.