Articles by Ralph Vartabedian

Rival U.S. Labs in Nuclear Arms Race

  • 14 June 06
In the Cold War arms race, scientists rushed to build thousands of warheads to counter the Soviet Union. Today, those scientists are racing once again, but this time to rebuild an aging nuclear stockpile.

Discovery Flight a Reminder of Doubts in Shuttle's Future

  • 14 July 05
As Discovery stands on the launch pad poised to take off on the first shuttle flight since the destruction of Columbia 2 1/2 years ago, a debate is raging over how much longer America's workhorse of space can struggle on.

ISS Delayed Indefinitely After Columbia Accident

  • 31 July 03
With the assembly of the international space station on hold since the Columbia accident Feb. 1, NASA said Tuesday that it is still not sure how long the completion of the outpost will be delayed.

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