Articles by Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Governing Council 'Inept,' U.S. Fed Up

  • 11 November 03
  • The Washington Post
Increasingly alarmed by the failure of Iraq's Governing Council to take decisive action, the Bush administration is developing possible alternatives to the council to ensure that the United States can turn over political power at the same time and pace that troops are withdrawn, according to senior U.S. officials here and in Baghdad.

Iraqis Fear Hussein Is Plotting to Return

  • 08 July 03
  • The Washington Post
The graffiti extolling former President Saddam Hussein went up a few nights ago throughout Baghdad's Adhamiyah neighborhood. A girls' school wall promised that ""Saddam the hero will be back."" The side of a shop proclaimed that ""Saddam is still our leader.""

Exile Claims Title 'Boss of Baghdad'

  • 22 April 03
  • The Washington Post
Mohammed Mohsen Zubaidi has been selected by a 22-member council of businessmen, clerics and intellectuals to run this city of 5 million people.

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