Articles by Paul Majendie

Masters of Kitsch Ready For Eurovision Contest

  • 19 May 08
  • Reuters
La La La. Boom Bang-A-Bang. Ding-A-Dong. It's that time again.

Blair Says He Will Bow Out Within 12 Months

  • 08 September 06
  • Reuters
British Prime Minister Tony Blair pledged Thursday to quit within a year but declined to give an exact date to mutineers in his Labour Party who want a speedy ouster to revive their fortunes.

Brits Rent Out Homes to Score at Wimbledon

  • 21 June 05
  • Reuters
Wimbledon homeowners beware. The British taxman is watching over the world's most prestigious tennis tournament.

Prince Charles to Wed Camilla Parker Bowles

  • 11 February 05
  • Reuters
Britain's heir to the throne, Prince Charles, revealed on Thursday that he would marry Camilla Parker Bowles, sparking intense debate about whether his divorced, longtime lover should become queen.

U.K. on Alert for Russian Hackers

  • 17 March 04
  • Reuters
First it was American football's Super Bowl. Now Britain's Cheltenham horse racing festival. Internet betting sites again are on red alert.

Farmer's Release Stokes British Crime Debate

  • 29 July 03
  • Reuters
A reclusive British farmer whose shotgun killing of a teenage burglar provoked a national debate about victims' rights was freed from jail Monday.

Potter Conjures Up Huge Sales

  • 23 June 03
  • Reuters
Midsummer Potter madness gripped Britain with the latest tale of the teenage wizard flying off the shelves at more than eight copies a second.

Air Show Begins Amid Dour Market

  • 23 July 02
  • Reuters
The world's top airshow of the year opened Monday with civil aviation still reeling after Sept. 11 but defense expenditure booming as governments seek to counter the threat of further attacks.

Stars' Shutter-Bug Opens Exhibition

  • 30 January 02
  • Reuters
Princess Diana adored him. Gwyneth Paltrow trusts him completely. Kate Moss looks sexier for him. No wonder they call him Super Mario.

War Is Far From Over Despite Fall of Kabul

  • 15 November 01
  • Reuters
Osama bin Laden may be running out of hiding places, but he and his Taliban supporters could take to the hills and fight a lengthy ""hit-and-run"" guerrilla war, defense analysts warned Wednesday.

Fear Factor Changes The Face of Air Travel

  • 18 September 01
  • Reuters
The sight of a plane being deliberately flown into a skyscraper is indelibly seared on people's memories.

Tired Kafelnikov Feels The Strain of the Tour

  • 02 July 01
  • Reuters
At the age of 27, Yevgeny Kafelnikov is a world-weary multimillionaire, but right now the Olympic champion is a tortured soul who feels life is slipping away from him.

Soviet Work Ethic Leads to U.S. Gold

  • 19 September 00
  • Reuters
Lenny Krayzelburg's whole tumultuous life flashed before him as he stood on the winner's podium Monday.

British Queen Mother Hits 100

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Londoners Get High On All-Night Monet Mania

Bolshoi Hoping for International Help

Collins May Be Gone, But Genesis Plays On

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With New Management, Hong Kong Still Top Bet

Leading Tabloid Backs Blair As Labour Landslide Likely

Stage Veteran to Launch Old Vic Series

Fund Managers Bullish on Hong Kong