Articles by Olga Popova

Business and Disability

  • 23 December 09
  • Goltsblat BLP
Disability is a social phenomenon that cannot be avoided by any society, and each country, in accordance with the level of its development, priorities and opportunities, shapes its social and economic policy for disabled people.

Crisis in the Work Place: Part-Time Employment

  • 19 August 09
  • Goltsblat BLP
According to the statistics of the Federal Service for Labor and Employment of Russia, of the 384,243 employees that have been officially dismissed since the beginning of October 2008, 119,283 have found new jobs, and 1.249 million employees have been transferred to part-time employment. Given the dramatic fall in the number of full-time jobs since the economy started to contract under the influence of the global financial crisis, some types of employment option have risen, one of them being part-time employment.

Woman at Work in Russia: Is It a Man's World?

While some employers may prefer male workers, the shortage of highly-skilled employees of either gender is keenly felt on the Russian labor market.

Power Grid Companies Seek Billions in State Aid

  • 20 October 08
  • Reuters
The firms intend to raise their investment plans by 18 percent.

RWE Picks Up Stake in TGK-2 for $400M

  • 17 March 08
  • Reuters
The German utility becomes the fourth major foreign investor in the country's power-sector reforms.

Gazprom Keeps Control of OGK-2

  • 01 October 07
  • Reuters
Gazprom paid $640 million on Friday to keep control of power generator OGK-2, scaring off other investors in a secondary share offering that was slashed in size.

Bankers Estimate VTB Value as Up to $35Bln

  • 16 April 07
  • Reuters
Analysts have valued the country's No. 2 bank, state-run VTB, in a core range of $30 billion to $35 billion ahead of its international stock market float, a banking source close to the offering said Friday.

MDM, Allies Acquire 6.13% of UES Shares

  • 24 March 03
  • Reuters
MDM Group, one of the nation's largest financial-industrial conglomerates, said Friday that it and a pool of local and foreign investors had bought 6.13 percent of national power utility UES.

UES Bills Move to Upper House

  • 25 February 03
  • Reuters
Bills to break up giant power monopoly United Energy Systems cleared the State Duma on Friday as a board member pleaded to make the restructuring more transparent for investors.

Mystery Buyer Grabs UES Stake

  • 25 November 02
  • Reuters
A mystery investor has been building up a hoard of shares in power monopoly Unified Energy Systems and may be out to influence the outcome of a fundamental restructuring of the company.

UES Official Details Revamp Plan

  • 19 November 01
  • Reuters
UES wants to propose a restructuring of regional power plants into six cross-regional thermal generators.

RTS Surges Nearly 6% to 219

  • 09 November 01
  • Reuters
Shares advanced on a broad front by the close Thursday, against a background of recovering oil prices.

Kasyanov Signs Off On UES Revamp

  • 12 July 01
  • Reuters
Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov signed a plan on Wednesday for an overhaul of electricity giant UES.

Shareholders Hike Mosenergo Dividend

  • 21 May 01
  • Reuters
Shareholders in Mosenergo approved an increased dividend for 2000 after the company slashed losses.

Trading Halted as Market Hits 2000 Low

  • 01 December 00
  • Reuters
Top Russian shares closed at 2000 lows Thursday as losses on global market jitters and fears of financial instability in Turkey sent the local market tumbling.

UES Declares Deal To Supply Europe

Stocks Reach New Highs On Upbeat Expectations

Higher Oil Prices Drive Shares

Market Flickers Into Life as Operators Predict Growth