Articles by Olga Kuvshinova

Study Links Money, Democracy

When per capita contribution to gross domestic product reaches $10,000, democracy becomes "eternal," according to a Renaissance Capital report.

Bureaucracy Hinders Competitiveness

Food could cost 15 percent less, communications could go down by 10 percent, and real estate could be 25 to 30 percent cheaper. The problem is bureaucracy and legalized corruption, government experts say.

Analysts Coin New Economic Acronym

Russia has a BRIC of its own, now that Sberbank's macroeconomic research center has united the four largest post-Soviet economies Ч Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan Ч into the BURK group of countries.

Consumer Confidence Still Very Low

Optimism among consumers of seven developing countries is second to last in Russia, according to the Credit Suisse Research Institute, with only the rich expecting income growth.

Muscovites Live Well On Income From Rent

Thanks to income from their assets, Muscovites have more free time for vacations, hobbies and public protests, according to a new study, which also found that loyalty to the authorities grows as incomes rise.

Salaries Edge Past Pre-Crisis Levels

Russians' real salaries surpassed pre-crisis levels in May, according to a Bank of Moscow report, but the gains are primarily thanks to low inflation rather than generous employers.

$32Bln in Tax Debt All But Written Off

Every year, the Russian budget does not receive about 1 trillion rubles ($32.4 billion) in revenue from late taxes and fines, a sum that is not even included in budget projections.

Ministry Says Crisis Behavior To Thank for Falling Inflation

The crisis gets credit for overcoming inflation, as people cut consumption and businesses keep prices down because of a deficit of operating capital and loans.

Ministry Attributes Slower Increase in Prices to Falling Demand

The ministry credited the crisis with overcoming inflation, as people cut consumption because of lower incomes and businesses keep prices down because of a deficit of operating capital and loans.

Oil Tax Plan Would Ease Burden on New Fields

The majority of new oil projects in Russia will not be profitable even with oil prices at $150 per barrel, according to an Energy Ministry proposal on how to reduce taxes at undeveloped fields.