Articles by Oleg Salmanov

Court Won't Pursue Vkontakte in Copyright Infringement Case

The Supreme Arbitration Court has decided to leave in force the decision of an appeals court that the popular social networking web site Vkontakte is not responsible for the actions of its users.

MTS CEO Warns of $585M in Lost Turkmenistan Profit

Mobile TeleSystems has filed lawsuits against Turkmenistan's Communications Ministry for suspending its license to operate, and the Russian government has intervened to defend MTS's interests.

Minister Worried About Bad Cell Reception

Communications and Press Minister Igor Shchyogolev has registered his concern over worsening cell phone reception in Moscow, which mobile operators attribute to the introduction of third-generation networks.

Reiman Confirms New Search Project

Kremlin adviser Leonid Reiman has given the first official confirmation that the state could be interested in the creation of a new Internet search engine, although the project is being developed by private companies and so far without public funding.

Press Ministry Requests $17M for 1C's Patriotic Computer Game

Software company 1C is asking the state for 500 million rubles ($16.8 million) to create a computer game simulator that will educate youth in patriotism, modernize the economy and rebuff those trying to falsify history. The Communications and Press Ministry and 1C have jointly prepared a proposal.

MegaFon Campaign Falls Foul of Anti-Monopoly Service

The competition watchdog ruled that MegaFon was using a simplified sales procedure for the SIM cards, and allowing customers to remain anonymous, which gave it an advantage over competitors.

WiMax Bid Terms Favor Svyazinvest for Licenses

The Federal Mass Media Inspection Service published the terms for four tenders for WiMax licenses in the range of 2.3 gigahertz to 2.4 gigahertz, which will be held from Feb. 18 through March 11.